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Book Review: Undisputed by Aimee Nicole Walker and Nicholas Bella

Book Review: Undisputed by Aimee Nicole Walker and Nicholas Bella

Authors: Aimee Nicole Walker and Nicholas Bella
Release Date:  December 23, 2016


            There was once a time in my life where the only thing that mattered to me was fighting and winning. I’d step into that octagon with all the confidence in the world that I’d leave the victor. There was no challenge too great that I couldn’t handle. That was until I met a sassy and sexy reporter by the name of Aiden James and he flipped my world upside down.

            I didn’t do relationships because I had to keep that part of myself hidden, but I couldn’t seem to get Aiden out of my mind. Maybe if I could just have my way with him one time, I’d be able to get him out of my system. But if I couldn’t, would I be able to sacrifice everything I worked so hard for to have Aiden? Was the reward worth the risk or could I live my life without Aiden?


            I was thrilled when I landed an interview with MMA’s sexiest fighter, Anamacio De Niro. I had heard that he was a very private man, but nothing prepared me for his level of stubbornness. That didn’t stop me from soaking up every second that I was in the same room with my secret crush. I never expected to hear from him when our interview ended, so imagine my surprise when he contacted me out of the blue and asked to meet again.

            I quickly learned why Macio was so private when he revealed the secret he hid from the world. As excited as I was that he returned my attraction, I had promised myself that I’d never fall for another closeted guy. My vow shattered the second his lips touched mine and I let my guard down for one night of earth-scorching sex, knowing it was all I would ever have with him. Or was it? Did it have to be all or nothing or could we find a way to be together without either of us getting hurt?


            Undisputed is the first collaboration between Amazon best-selling authors Nicholas Bella and Aimee Nicole Walker. It is the story of two men who learn that the most important fight of their life isn’t battled in an octagon or in the court of public opinion; it’s waged in the heart.

Animacio "Macio" De Niro is a closeted MMA fighter. His life consists of training, fighting, scratching the itch with the occasional male escort his publicist hires for him after winning a fight and remaining the champion for his weight division. He doesn't particularly care for reporters, but he sort of understands it comes with the territory, what he didn't expect was to be so blown away by Aiden James, an out and proud reporter, that Macio simply can't stop thinking about. 

The last thing Aiden needs is to get involved with a closeted man, let alone someone as famous as Macio. However, the attraction between them is too strong to resist. Is there a way they could be together without one or both of them getting hurt in the process? 

This book wasn't quite what I expected. While there's some talk about Macio's fights and his training, thankfully, it was done in a way that even someone that isn't that much into sports like me could appreciate and understand and from what little I know of it, it sounded pretty accurate. 

I loved Aiden. I think he was strong in his own right and I liked that, for the most part, he wasn't afraid to speak his mind and stand up for himself. I liked Macio, but there were a few instances where I wanted to slap him upside his thick head (repeatedly). He seemed very naïve in some parts, letting others *cough Kathy and Rupert cough* take advantage of him. Aiden and Macio had great chemistry together, they were passionate and the sex scenes were steamy and plentiful, and while I'm not against sex in books, there's a moment when it can be too much. Especially if they end up having sex instead of talking things out. 

I didn't particularly care for Kathy, although she had a nice turnaround at the end after her bout of craziness, and I definitely hated Rupert, who I was glad got what was coming at him. 

The one thing I had the most trouble with was with Aiden and Macio getting back together as they did, but that's because it's one of my pet peeves in books, I'm all about the grand gesture and having the one that messed up, actually make amends, which I didn't get here. Other than that, I was thoroughly entertained with the book, stayed up until 2am reading actually, because I needed to find out what would happen next. 

All in all, this was a very good collaboration between Aimee Nicole Walker and Nicholas Bella. Their styles, in my opinion, blended quite nicely and it felt nearly seamless. The book combined action with sport, romance and sex and I was swept away into it. 


Rating: 4 Stars!!!

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

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