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Release Day Review ~ Worth Waiting For by Wendy Qualls

Release Day Review ~ Worth Waiting For by Wendy Qualls


A small-town in the Deep South isn’t where most gay men would choose to go looking for love. But open hearts will find a way…

Growing up in the Bible Belt, Paul Dunham learned from a young age to hide his sexuality. Now he’s teaching psychology at a conservative college in Georgia—and still hiding who he really is. If Paul hopes to get tenure, he needs to keep his desires on the down-low. But when an old college crush shows up on campus—looking more gorgeous than ever—Paul’s long-suppressed urges are just too big for one little closet to hold . . .

Brandon Mercer has come a long way since his freshman year fumbling's with Paul. Now he’s confident, accomplished, proudly out—and the sexiest IT consultant Paul’s ever seen. When Brandon asks Paul to grab some coffee and catch up, it leads to a steamy reunion that puts their first night of passion to shame. But when Paul’s longtime crush turns into a full-time romance, he receives an anonymous email threatening to expose their secret to the world. If Paul stays with Brandon, his teaching career is over. Yet if he caves under pressure, he risks losing the one true love he’s been waiting for...

3 Stars

Paul and Brandon met their freshman year at Saint Benedict, a strict Christian college both were attending. They skirted around their attraction for one another for quite some time, until eventually they shared a night together. When Brandon leaves for another school afterward without a word, Paul locks himself securely back in the closet. Now, ten years later, the two meet again when Brandon returns to Saint Benedict for a short time as an IT consultant. Brandon runs into Paul, who is working at the college as a psychology professor. Paul is also still planted firmly in the closet, while Brandon is openly gay. Will this be a second chance for them?

Most of the reviews for this book were really negative and while, yes, I agree with certain aspects of those reviews, I'll try to keep my review on the more positive side and give you what I liked about the story.

Paul and Brandon were very different in some ways, Paul is extremely closeted, shy and very inexperienced, while Brandon is out, open, experienced and a bit overbearing, but they complimented one another and Brandon's urging really helped Paul open up and try and explore and experience things he never would have without Brandon. They were both likable men and although they both irritated me for different reasons, I wanted to see them get their HEA.

I loved the slow progression of their physical relationship. Brandon was willing to wait and not push. He let Paul go at his own pace and only do what he was absolutely comfortable with. He was patient and understanding when it came to Paul's fears and lack of experience. I loved watching Paul open up and become more comfortable with himself.

I thought Paul's struggle with being a good Christian and a gay man was very realistic and I'm sure many will be able to relate to his fears.

The premise of the story was good, the writing was good, not great, but it was okay. The story itself was good and it held my interest. This was a sweet, angsty and a bit of a sexy read. While there were things I didn't like and frankly, dialogue that was cringe worthy at times, it was still a pretty enjoyable read.

**copy provided by author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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