Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review: Trusting Cade by Luna David

Trusting Cade
 Luna David

M/M Romantic Suspense, Former Military, Security, (discussions of) BDSM
Custos Securities Series Book 1
111K words (Around 312 pages)
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At 38, Zavier “Cade” McCade has it all: a military career he can be proud of, a successful business, and a close knit group of family and friends. A former Army Special Forces Captain, Cade leaves the military to create Custos Securities, a burgeoning protection agency that provides unparalleled security for both civilians and corporations across the U.S.

After a string of disastrous relationships—and a narrow escape from an abusive partner—Braden Cross is finally putting his past to rest. Combining both his passion for baking and his knack for business, Braden owns the Sugar n’ Spice Café with his best friend who concocts exotic coffees and teas that pair perfectly with his decadent confections.

When a stalker sets his sights on Braden, the young pastry chef’s world is turned upside down. More frightened than he cares to admit, and not knowing where to turn, Braden is relieved when Cade steps in to offer his protection. Caught up in a maelstrom of threats, break-ins, and vandalism, the two draw closer together. Braden eventually realizes that he can trust Cade with his life, but he finds himself wondering… can he trust him with his heart? 

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Zavier McCade or Cade, is co-owner of Custos Securities, and during a trip to San Francisco, he meets Braden Cross, who hasn't been too lucky in love and after escaping from an abusive boyfriend, is now being stalked. As they get closer, Braden will have to decide if he's ready to trust Cade or not. 

I really enjoyed this book. Yes, it's long, but it was interesting and had a lot of action and romance (and some very hot scenes) to keep my attention from start to end. Cade is protective and almost too good to be true, but he has a vulnerable side that I found appealing. He was also very caring and sweet with Braden and I loved the way he tried to make things better for Braden. It took me a bit longer to warm up to Braden; well, until I got kind of fed up with him again. I can understand his motivations there at the end, and I'm sure his age and all he'd gone through before had a lot to do with that, too, however, I just wanted to slap (just a little bit) some sense into him. 

I loved the action scenes. While some were a bit over the top, they were really well done and helped move the plot along at a very nice pace. The progression in Braden and Cade's relationship was a little fast, but it made sense with the off-the-charts chemistry between them and the situation they found themselves in. I also loved seeing Cade's team working together and how it all played out. 

I would've wished we had at least a couple more scenes in the end, but it was a pretty good set-up for the next book in the series, which I hope Luna David will complete soon, as there were a few things that are left unsolved in this book (and I can't wait to read more). 

All in all, a very solid debut novel by Ms. David! I'm hooked, so I'll be waiting (im)patiently for the next installment. 

Very recommendable!

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!! 

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