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Cover Reveal: Operation Makeover by DJ Jamison (Excerpt + Giveaway)

Release Date: October 25, 2018
Cover Design: Garrett Leigh @ Black Jazz Design


Will a makeover bring his fantasy to life or lead him to a love he never saw coming?
As a professional x-ray tech, Ridley has come a long way from the geeky kid Jace took under his wing in high school. Not that his best friend has noticed. Tired of pining, Ridley decides to show Jace what he’s missing. And what better way than with a newer, more sophisticated look? Cole's clients at the salon where he works love him dearly. Men? Not so much. He has dated one mistake after the next, and he’s beginning to wonder if a guy exists who can handle his fabulousness. Then Ridley lands in his chair. Cole agrees to be Ridley’s makeover guru, and they click effortlessly. But when Cole offers to help Ridley with his sexual confidence, passion flares and boundaries blur. Ridley’s had his heart set on Jace a long time, but when he’s with Cole it feels too real to deny. Now he has a choice to make: the friend he’s always wanted or the man who’s given him a whole new lease on life.




"The clothes are nice, Ridley, but I hope what you really get out of the makeover is more confidence. How other people see you is partly based on how you see yourself. Right now, you fly under the radar a lot because you want to. But I hope that changes because you’re worth seeing.”
“He’s right,” Ronnie added. “You’ve always sold yourself short.”

Ridley shrugged uncomfortably. He’d felt good about himself at the shop with Cole, but when he thought about being compared next to other men on a stage like that, it brought all his insecurities to the surface.

“That’s nice of you to say, but please don’t lie to make me feel better. I know I’m not ever going to be the hottest guy in the room.”
“Oh, sweetie,” Cole said. “I’m not lying. You are absolutely gorgeous. Totally kissable. Lickable. Fuckable.”

Ronnie cackled at Cole’s lecherous descriptions.
“Yeah, right,” Ridley mumbled, feeling embarrassed. He hated that he was so insecure that Cole felt the need to talk him up.

“Come here,” Cole ordered, pointing to the floor directly in front of him.
Ridley hesitantly approached, coming to a stop before Cole. “Fine. Now, what?” he said a little defensively, sure he was about to get another lecture on self-confidence.
“Close your eyes.”



“Do it,” he ordered.

Ridley obeyed, immediately sensing Cole move toward him. Heat bathed his face, and Ridley instinctively parted his lips. Warmth brushed his mouth, featherlight, and his breath caught.
He’s kissing me.

Ridley’s heart sped up as Cole’s chest pressed against his, and fingers stroked through his hair, sending tingles across his scalp.

Cole’s tongue touched his bottom lip, and Ridley met him halfway, tentatively touching Cole’s tongue with his own. Heat rushed through his body, and his heart pounded harder. Cole’s lips grew firmer, more demanding on his as the kiss went on.

Cole’s tongue drove into his mouth, hot and silky, and he forgot he was standing in his living room. Forgot his sister was watching. Forgot he was supposed to be saving his kisses for Jace.
Cole’s mouth was heaven, and Ridley clutched his arms and brought him in closer, kissing him harder. His head emptied of thoughts except just one: more.

More, more, more.

“Whoo! I better leave,” Ronnie said, breaking the spell. “I don’t think I can handle watching my brother get it on.”

Ridley and Cole broke apart, both of them breathing hard.

“I’m not getting it on,” he said, though admittedly, that argument would be stronger if his dick wasn’t straining the crotch of his jeans. He was thankful now for the sports coat, which helped hide his reaction.

“Just proving a point,” Cole said. “You’re kissable. You can’t argue with me now.”

“Um. Thank you?” Ridley said, unable to keep the question out his voice even as his lips buzzed with the proof of Cole’s words.

With a strained smile, Cole nodded toward the door. “Let’s go get that dinner. How do you feel about Italian? Zio’s is nice.”

Ridley nodded, ready to go anywhere to escape his sister’s calculating gaze. “Okay, fine. Guess it’s time I gave the clothes a test run.”

“Have fun,” Ronnie said. “Maybe not as much fun as you just had in this living room, unless you want to give the older crowd a heart attack.”

“Funny,” Ridley said, turning to follow Cole out.

He had to resist the urge to rub his fingers over his lips. He could still feel Cole’s mouth against him. When he focused on the memory, his heart skipped a beat and his breath caught in his throat. Had Cole really done it only to make a point? It had felt like more. It was the best kiss he’d ever experienced. Crazy sexy. Insanely hot.

“Sorry I got carried away,” Cole murmured when they were in the car. “I don’t think you need to worry about turning off Jace by kissing badly.”

Ridley glanced over. “No?”

Cole fanned himself with a hand, grinning. “Freaking hot!”

Ridley laughed, relieved that Cole was breaking the tension. He didn’t really know what to believe, but Cole had seemed to be into the kissing too. Maybe it wasn’t a pity kiss or empty flattery. Maybe Cole really did find him attractive. But he didn’t know what do with what. There was still Jace …
Oblivious Jace. Jace, who would probably never see Ridley the way Cole did, much less kiss him like he was a starving man and Ridley was the dessert he’d been denied all his life.


One of Five ARC's for Operation Makeover


About the Author

DJ Jamison worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years, which helped tremendously when she began her series of novellas centered on The Ashe Sentinel, a fictional small-town newspaper in Kansas. When she's not laboring over her works of fiction, she works as a social media marketer and blogger.

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