Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Release Day Review ~ Truth Will Out by K.C. Wells (Giveaway)

Release Day Review ~ Truth Will Out by K.C. Wells

Title: Truth Will Out
Author: K.C. Wells
Release Date: October 30, 2018
Category: Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 192
Jonathon de Mountford’s visit to Merrychurch village to stay with his uncle Dominic gets off to a bad start when Dominic fails to appear at the railway station. But when Jonathon finds him dead in his study, apparently as the result of a fall, everything changes. For one thing, Jonathon is the next in line to inherit the manor house. For another, he’s not so sure it was an accident, and with the help of Mike Tattersall, the owner of the village pub, Jonathon sets out to prove his theory—if he can concentrate long enough, without getting distracted by the handsome Mike.

They discover an increasingly long list of people who had reason to want Dominic dead. And when events take an unexpected turn, the amateur sleuths are left bewildered. It doesn’t help that the police inspector brought in to solve the case is the last person Mike wants to see, especially when they are told to keep their noses out of police business.

In Jonathon’s case, that’s like a red rag to a bull….

5 Stars

Truth Will Out is the first book in the Merrychurch series by K. C. Wells. I don’t know anything about this series so it will be interesting to see if it follows the same characters throughout or if there will be new characters in each book.

When Jonathan visits his uncle in Merrychurch he gets more than expected when, along with Mike, the owner of the local pub and former police detective, he discovers his uncle's body. And that begins Jonathan’s investigation into Dominic’s life and death.  I really liked Jonathan and Mike and the relationship they build. But that’s not the focus of this story, it’s a side element, as it should be in a mystery, in my opinion.

The author does a great job of introducing characters and motives and clues throughout the story, slowly building to the finale. Though I knew who the killer was and suspected the why from fairly early in the book, that did not affect my enjoyment of the story, at all! The investigation is really subtle in the story, and seems slow moving because it doesn’t seem like an investigation but it was cleverly done.

The relationship between Mike and Jonathan did not take away from the mystery of the story and that was really important to me. A lot of times when reading the first book in a series there can be a serious overload of information and characters. Not so with this one even though you meet a lot of characters. The way the author handled the weaving of the story, introduction of characters and overload of information was seriously well done! This is a book I highly recommend!

**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.**

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