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Release Blitz: Dead in the Shop (Grasmere Cottage Mystery Trilogy #3) by Dahlia Donovan (Reviews)

Title: Dead in the Shop
Series: Grasmere Cottage Mystery Trilogy #3
Author: Dahlia Donovan
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: Sweet M/M Cosy Mystery
Release Date: October 20, 2018


Join bestselling Dahlia Donovan on a cosy mystery adventure in the Grasmere Cottage Mystery trilogy. With love, wit, and a murder to solve, life for Valor and Bishan is about to get bloody complicated.

Deadly fire? Check.

Fear-induced heart attack imminent? Check.

Time running out on them? Not good.

Valor Scott wants nothing more than to enjoy life in his little cottage with his boyfriend. The shadows of a serial killer continue to haunt him, though. He only wants the living nightmare to end. He battles one catastrophic event after the other, intent on bringing his loved ones through to the other side safely.

As their killer finally comes out into the open, Valor finds himself face-to-face with an obsessed murderer intent on destroying everyone in their path.

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5 Stars!

Dead in the Shop is the riveting conclusion to the Grasmere Cottage Mystery Trilogy. If you were waiting for the series to be complete before getting it, please do yourself a favor and do it now. You have no excuses and you'll be missing out otherwise.

This installment was action-packed and intense, we finally learn the identity of the killer, but not until Ms. Donovan is well and ready to reveal him, and everything else is tied up nicely. My favorite part throughout the series was definitely Valor and Bishan's relationship. Valor is so amazing with Bishan and it was lovely to see Bishan flourish under pressure and come out of his shell a little, especially considering he was under such stress.

All in all, a definite must-read!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie from Give Me Books Promotions for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.**

Dead in the Shop is the third and final book in a trilogy by Dahlia Donovan. All three books are connected and continue the same story and mystery so I’d recommend that if you’re going to read this you read them in the appropriate order. The murder mystery spread among the three books so you won’t find out until this book who is responsible and the reason for it.

This series is the first I’ve read from this author and I thought the writing was really well-done. I especially love cozy mysteries and I thought this series fit well within that genre. The author has built a world full of interesting people. In this book we’re back with the story being told from Valor’s perspective.

This was my favorite book of the series, maybe because there’s a conclusion with no cliffhanger ending. What can I say, I’m easy that way! But, this story is any easier for Bishan and Valor, it’s even crazier and fast-paced. The men may want their life to go back to normal but they have quite a bit to overcome to get there. But they do and are stronger for it.

Something I loved in this series is the relationship between Bishan and Valor. They very much have a strong, loving relationship but not in the “traditional” sense of one found in a romance book and that I especially loved. I really enjoyed seeing Bishan and Valor’s relationship in this series, something I don’t typically say about mysteries.

The mystery was written really well and you won’t figure out who the murderer is until the author wants you to. I highly recommend this series but make sure you have all three books ready to go so you don’t have to wait cause cliffhangers suck!

Rating: 5 stars!!

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99c for a limited time


Author Bio

Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress.  She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters. An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.  

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