Monday, October 29, 2018

Promo Post ~ Cassius (Love, a mixed race urban romance Book 3) by Karen Botha

Promo Post ~ Cassius (Love, a mixed race urban romance Book 3) by Karen Botha 


Falling in love is a dangerous game, especially when you don't know the players.
Cassius makes it his business to know who is gets involved with. You don't become notorious without making the right moves. After taking out his opposition, he'll be the unchallenged kingpin in London. In all of England. But he needs to move fast to align the pieces.

But what about the piece he never counted on? What about Jazmin?

After the tragic loss of her husband, Jazmin never believed she would be whole again. Then Cassius made all the right moves. 
Can Jazmin love again, or is this just too good to be true? Can Cassius make her understand the dangerous game he plays?

Read the final story in the "Love" trilogy and find out if players can truly find love.

Meet the Author

Ooh, where to start? I used to work in a proper job that was KILLING me -- slowly! I packed it all in and retrained as a massage therapist and reflexologist which meant I had downtime to fill and I knew just the thing.

So, now I spend more hours than I work in my office conjuring up all manner of sex scenes and scrapes. I say I'm so happy because I have whichever imaginary friends with me, doing exactly what I like, when I want. Who could ask for more? Hah!

By the way, now I have NO downtime.

Please follow me, I'm on Facebook and Twitter Twatter and Instagram and I have my own
website, It would be great to get some interaction from you guys. Much as I love my imaginary friends, it's great to speak to real people too.

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