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Review Tour: Ryker (Owatonna U #1) by RJ Scott & V.L. Locey (Giveaway)

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Length: 50,700 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell


Ryker is hockey royalty, Jacob is a poor country boy. Can two vastly different people find common ground and become the men they want to be?

Ryker comes from a long line of championship-winning hockey players. Playing college hockey to develop his game is his only focus, and nothing will stand in the way of him working to become the best player. He has no room for relationships, people that point out his flaws, or anyone who calls him on his dreams. He certainly has no place for love, and meeting Jacob is nothing but a useful distraction on the side. After all trying to get his Owatonna Eagles teammate into bed is less work and more play. When tragedy rocks his family, his charmed life crumbles, and the only person he can turn to is the same one who claims to hate him.

Jacob Benson has only known hard work and stifling conservative values his whole life. Born and raised in the small rural community of Eden Crossing, Minnesota, he’s the only son of a hard-working but struggling dairy farming family. Jacob is using his skills in hockey to finance his way to an agricultural science degree. These four years at Owatonna U. will probably be the only time he has to enjoy life, gain acceptance about his sexuality, and live openly before his inevitable return to the farm. Running into a pretty rich boy like Ryker Madsen is putting a damper on his enjoyment of life away from home. Ryker’s flip, conceited, carefree attitude grates on Jacob’s every nerve. So why, if Ryker is everything he dislikes, does he want nothing more than to explore the sinful dreams that his annoying teammate stars in every night?

5 Stars!

Ryker is the first book in the Owatonna U Hockey series and I suggest to, at the very least, read books 1 and 6 from the Harrisburg Railers series first, trust me, you'll thank me later.

Ryker is very much his father's son and a talented forward on his own right. He is a first draft pick and headed into the NHL as soon as he finishes college, which he isn't all that sure he wants to complete. His life is hockey and it shows in everything he does.

Jacob is a poor country boy, trying to survive between having two jobs, keeping his hockey scholarship and working towards his degree so he can help save his parents' farm. He barely has time to do anything fun and is pretty much the opposite to Ryker.

Ryker is attracted to Jacob from the moment they're paired to be roommates during training camp and after a stumbling start, where Jacob refused to even want to be Ryker's friend, Ryker finally manages to crack through Jacob's hard exterior and start worming himself into Jacob's life, but with Ryker going to college at Leicester and Jacob at Owatonna and everything going on in Jacob's life, is there a chance for more than a summer fling between them?

I loved Ryker, he's easygoing and personable. I loved his relationship with his parents and Ten, and of course, I adored seeing him pursuing Jacob relentlessly. It was fun! LOL He really was determined to get his guy. I loved that even if he pretty much had it all, he made an effort to make Jacob feel better about himself. I also liked that when things weren't working out for him on his old school, he did everything he needed to transfer to Owatonna U, of course, he had ulterior motives, too, since Jacob and his teammates were there, but it wasn't the only reason.

It took me longer to warm up to Jacob. He was so stubborn, which after meeting his dad made a whole lot more sense, and I just wanted to shake some sense into him and make him realize there's more to life than just studying. Once he finally allowed Ryker in, though, he was all in and he offered Ryker all the love and strength he ended up needing.

Their chemistry was amazing and I loved that their sexy times weren't all perfect. They were both learning about the other and it was lovely to see them slowly growing more comfortable with each other.

I loved Scott and my heart broke with the little we learned about his past. I can't wait to read his story! It was awesome to catch up with Ten and Jared and get an update on something that happened in book 6 of the Harrisburg Railers series (which is why I suggested reading it first).

All in all, this was a fantastic start to this new series, it tied seamlessly with the previous series, while providing a set of fresh, younger faces. While Ryker and Jared's story is just starting, I do hope we're going to see more of them in the next books in the series. As always, this was another fantastic collaboration by RJ Scott and VL Locey and I can't recommend it enough.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.

5 Stars

I am really liking all of these Hockey books RJ Scott and VL Locey are coming out with and this is another great start to a (spin-off) series “Owatonna U Hockey” which follows along after Ryker who we met in the previous “Harrisburg Railers” series books. When I learned that Ryker was getting his own book I was absolutely thrilled and was not disappointed at all by his storyline in this book. It was everything I had hoped for. But I really do need more for him, It didn’t really feel finished and I have my fingers crossed we will get more for Ryker in future books.

Also, while this is a spin-off and you should read all of the other books in the Harrisburg Railers series first before this book because they are amazing and why not… You can actually read this as a standalone and you won’t be completely lost. I think everything is explained pretty well in this book as it leads up to this point for these characters. But really… Just saying... You should read all the others books first, or you are totally missing out on greatness.

Ryker is the Son/Step-son of NHL hockey players Mad’s and Ten. He’s basically led a charmed life growing up with all things hockey, getting all the newest and most expensive gear and learning to play from the pros. But in this book we get to see him knocked down a peg, learning who his “friends” really are, or aren’t, showing how humble he really is even though he has had a lot handed to him in life. I loved getting to see him find his way on his own fumbling along, realizing who he is as a grown person and not just being “Mad’s & Ten’s kid”. I think that these authors made the perfect person for Ryker in Jacob.

Jacob and Ryker meet at summer hockey camp. Jacob has an instant dislike for everything Ryker has and does. Not really knowing Ryker as a person, just knowing how he was handed everything he has in life. Compared to Jacob who has had to work hard every step of the way for every single thing he has. Jacob ultimately makes Ryker think twice about everything he’s been given and everything he does.

The two of them fumbling their way through all their first experiences together is really refreshing and cute and I love that the authors let us see all of that in this book, it was a great addition to the story. They made me laugh with the way they learned what they were doing together when it came to the sexual aspect of their relationship. Like, why didn’t either of them do any research or checked out any porn or anything?!? And, yes, Ryker… It is a little stalkerish for you to change schools and not tell anyone before you just show up back in Jacob’s space. LOL. Luckily that all worked out for the best. They just muddle along like two young, but mature adults trying to find their path. I cannot wait to see if/when we get more from these two guys, I am so totally not finished seeing where their relationship ends up together. I really want them to live a full and long life, HEA together. Their love can never end, I would really be devastated if that happened!!!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.***

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