Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Release Day Review ~ Handle with Care by Cari Z. (Giveaway)

Release Day Review ~ Handle with Care by Cari Z.

Title: Handle with Care
Author: Cari Z.
Release Date: October 16, 2018
Category: Contemporary, Dreamspun Desires
Pages: 190
A fragile heart needs extra care.
Burned-out social worker Aaron McCoy is on vacation for the first time in years—boss’s orders. Road-tripping to his brother’s wedding with his best friend, Tyler, seems a fun way to spend the mandatory two-week leave, and they set out for Kansas—and a difficult homecoming.
Aaron’s mother was a drug addict, and his adorable younger brother was quickly adopted, while Aaron spent his childhood in foster care. As Aaron mends fences, Tyler hopes to show him that this time, he won’t be left behind to face his problems alone.
Aaron’s opening up to how right it feels to be with Tyler and to the possibility of taking the leap from friends to lovers. But along with the wedding celebration comes a painful reminder of the past. Aaron’s heart is still breakable. Can he put it in Tyler’s hands?

5 stars

I adored this book! It is a slow burn but it was just so natural to the characters! The entire book was super sweet and heartfelt and even with it being a slow burn, the pacing felt incredibly authentic to who each of the characters were. I loved Aaron and Tyler. Their dynamic was easy from the start and they just understood each other really well. Seeing both of them be so vulnerable with each other was lovely and seeing Aaron and his brother Zach reconnect was lovely as well. Aaron was the more reserved and responsible MC while Tyler was pretty much a happy puppy. They were both very easy to like characters in their own way and both endearing.

Have I mentioned the writing yet?? The writing!! The story just flowed really well. There was the perfect combination of internal dialogue and dialogue and the plot was solid and straightforward. Connecting to this story was easy peasy. The only thing that I did not like is that I NEED more from these guys!! I want more of their story! And I cannot wait to read more from this author in the future!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

3 stars

Handle with Care is a stand-alone book by Cari Z. Aaron McCoy is a social worker who is forced on vacation by his boss. He and his best friend Tyler, decide to road trip to his younger brother's wedding. What starts out as friendship tentatively ends up as more. Can Aaron handle it?

Aaron is a very good character. His mother was a drug addict and when he was young his younger brother and himself were placed in foster care. While his brother was quickly adopted, Aaron himself drifted through homes until he is placed with his current best friend's family and he stays there until he ages out of the system. Tyler lives with Aaron and works from home. While Aaron is a workaholic, Tyler is much more laid back and doesn't have much of a filter.

I really liked the subject manner. I have never read a book with a similar storyline which in itself is pretty unique. Aaron who was in the system for most of his life decides to pay it forward and become a social worker to help children like he was. While his younger brother was adopted fast and he was rejected by the same family he hardened up and was shuffled around until he, of course, ended up with Tyler's family. He had little contact with his brother throughout his life and meeting him after all this time was very awkward but you would imagine a situation like that would be. Add in their birth mother showing up, a homophobic friend and a strip club and this book was rather entertaining.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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