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Book Review: Capital Assets (Rattle on Wall Street, Book 1) by Cecelia Storm

Title: Capital Assets (Rattle on Wall Street, Book 1)
Author: Cecelia Storm
Release: October 22nd, 2018
Word count: 70,000

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Description: This is a gay MPREG romance between a wealthy, CEO alpha whose daily life is dictated by his dark past, and a young, late-blooming omega who struggles against familial expectations and a society against him.

The book also addresses the complexities, consequences, and trauma associated with sexual assault.


For years I’d avoided omegas. They were too tempting. In heat, they pulled alphas like me across a hot, dangerous line. I couldn’t risk hurting another one…

Until I caught his scent on a cold Manhattan night. My extravagant world crashed around us as our bodies and hearts collided. His taste brought me to my knees.

All this time I thought I was different. I thought I could change this city, choked by corruption and greed. But one omega, struggling to find his way, showed me the frailty of authority, and the power of acceptance.

Now we fight. We stand up to those who seek to break us; but how much pain can we endure? Is our love and future worth the blood and bruises? How can life possibly spring from the ashes around us?

“It was a kiss I’d never felt before; it was the slow, gentle taste of a person who holds a piece of your heart, and whom you have greatly missed.”

Help us as we try to see the world around us for what it is, and find the love we know is in our broken hearts.

4 Stars!

A very different and unique take on the A/B/O dynamic.

Capital Assets was a hard story for me to get into at first. I just wasn’t sure if I was going to like where I thought it was heading. However, I kept with it and then there was something I found intriguing. I really enjoyed the overall premise and the way the whole idea of Alphas, Betas and Omegas were brought to life. Every time I read a book where we have ABO but is non-Shifter I find myself apprehensive about what to expect but luckily, I was pleasantly surprised.

When it came to the characters, I liked Jeremiah but truth be told, I loved Archer. He was broody and gruff and sometimes his anger got the best of him and it could be scary. However, he was also controlled, smart, protective and sincere. I loved how even at his most out of control time he was able to stop to protect Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was a lot stronger than people would’ve expected from his appearance. He had a ton of moxie as the story went on and he got to basically come into his own. I liked how he instantly felt that connection to Archer but he still took his time (somewhat lol) before he threw himself at Archer like is sometimes common in these types of stories.

There is a lot of emotional and hard to read parts in the story and I definitely found myself laughing sometimes and other times feeling bad for the characters. There were also times in which I found myself wishing for a better understanding of the world we were reading about. I guess I would’ve liked more background or world-building from the beginning to explain things.

Overall, I enjoyed Capital Assets and would recommend it to fans of ABO.

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3.5 Stars 

Capital Assets is non-shifter Omegaverse about Archer, a reclusive alpha, and Jeremiah, an upstart omega. In this setting, Alphas are super aggressive and omegas are the objects of that alpha aggression. We meet Archer and Jeremiah when Archer’s base alpha instincts take over and lead him literally to Jeremiah’s doorstep. The physical connection between the two is off the charts immediately, but for each of them, their pasts hold them back from pursuing the attraction.

The opening of this novel is so intense, exciting, and unexpected. But, unfortunately, the rest of the novel shifted into the emotionally damaged wealthy entrepreneur who dominates his love interest trope. It became predictable. Additionally, I didn’t connect with Archer because his personality and backstory just didn’t make sense in my opinion. I also sometimes didn’t connect with Jeremiah’s reactions to things. I found him confusing at times…

On a positive note, the author was able to really do a great job narrating the settings. They were always clear in my mind. Also, many of the characters were well-written, able to evoke emotions and laughter. I did like Ed and Pap.

For me, the best part were the epilogues. Jeremiah and Archer each have their own epilogue.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement
. ***

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