Saturday, November 17, 2018

Blog Tour: Comply by Lee Manarte (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Hey! Thanks so much for letting me on your blog. Comply, my debut book is a roller-coaster of emotions, fear, and thrills. It’s a heart-wrenching tale with tones of BDSM, non-reluctance, sci-fi, and love all wrapped up into one.

I’m a total nerd, so I wanted my first book to be sci-fi. I mean, I play Dungeons and Dragons every Saturday for God sakes, so there was no question in my mind what genre I was going to write. I also love M/M and wanted to make my two main characters men.

I worked on the storyline for Comply for quite some time, often trashing it several times, and restarting. I wanted to make sure every character’s personality was relatable. For example, if one of my main characters is put in harsh situations, I would find myself saying “What would a normal person do?” I wanted my characters to have real emotion and not just be perfect.

The book gets dark in some parts, it gets light and funny in others, but all around I wanted to portray the fact that when life gives something that seems impossible, the weak can rise above and prevail. Also, a commanding man is the hottest thing in the world…

Check out Comply which is now available! And for more updates and goodies follow me on Facebook.

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK - Exclusive to Amazon and Available to Borrow in Kindle Unlimited

Length: 217 pages

Cover Design: Jay Aheer @ Simply Defined Art


“The world is a cruel place…”

No one believes that more than I do. My name is Declan Forester, and I am a Zedian. Part of a different species born with miraculous gifts from the gods, only the humans don’t see it that way. They see us as something to be tamed.

After being captured by the humans and stripped of my abilities, I have little left. With my life in shambles, my thoughts are haunted by my human tormenter. Dr. Adam Davenport. A human male that is everything nightmares are made of. 

Now, his unwilling captive in a government-run facility, I am forced to obey his every demand, or be punished. Caught up in a web of lies about gods, the push to help a hot redhead, my high running desires and, oh yeah, the pending apocalypse, I find myself falling apart. And Adam may be the only one to save me…if I comply.

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Author Bio

"Writing has always been my passion. I love to entertain others through the worlds I create. I encourage others to follow their passions, live their dreams, and write. I hope you all enjoy what I write and gain the courage to express yourself."

~Lee has a bachelor’s in media and communications, is a huge nerd and loves to write about sexy men loving men. Come check her out on Facebook and chat!

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