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Blog Tour: Southern Brit by Marissa Holt (Exclusive Excerpt)

TITLE: Southern Brit

SERIES: He’s The One – Book 4

AUTHOR: Marissa Holt

LENGTH: 277 Pages


Flynn Henderson has always enjoyed the single life. Hot guys and hookups with no strings worked perfectly for him…until his best friend, Kace, found love with his dream man…that’s when Flynn decided to give love and monogamy a try for himself.

But when Flynn’s first attempt at a real relationship ends in disaster and his boyfriend abandons him, Flynn takes drastic measures to ensure his heart is protected and he’s never hurt again. However, Flynn’s plan is quickly jeopardized when his ex-boyfriend’s brother, Royal, shows up in Atlanta needing a place to stay.

Royal Maddox, a UK reality star with a bad reputation, is looking to mend his rocky relationship with his brother on a visit to the US. After finding his brother has taken off, Royal becomes intrigued with Flynn while staying with him temporarily, unaware of Flynn’s true history with his brother.

Temptations and desires intensify on both sides as Royal re-evaluates what he truly wants before returning home - possibly the guy his brother deserted…and Flynn devises more extreme measures to keep the gorgeous Brit from stealing his heart.

It’s all hands on deck as Flynn’s friends help him navigate the choppy waters of mending a broken heart and pushing past fears to take a second chance on love…this time with maybe the one perfect guy meant just for him…before it’s too late.

Southern Brit is a steamy Second Chance at Love M/M Romance Novel with a guaranteed HEA. This is Book 4 of He’s the One Series. Can be read as a standalone.


(Flynn is late to work)

Marie grinned. “It’s okay. I know why you were late. I’ll let it slide this time. Just don’t make it a habit.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Whoa, back up. What do you mean you know why I was late?”

The strange grin stretched farther across her lips. “You were busy with the hot Brit. And I think it’s great. Just don’t let your new-found sex life interfere with work.”

I clenched my jaw and spun around. “Kace!”

Kace walked over from stacking menus by his host stand at the door. “What?”

“You’re telling everyone about Royal?”

“That’s his name?” Marie asked. “Like the Royal Family? Perfect!” She giggled.

Kace rolled his eyes at me. “I didn’t tell everyone. Only Marie…and of course Sawyer.”

Marie grabbed my arm. “So…how was it?”

“How was what?” I adjusted my black shift-manager tie around my neck as I looked at myself in the small mirror hanging on the wall by the kiosk.

“Okay, you can stop playing now,” Marie said. “I want details about last night and this morning.”

“Um, Marie,” Kace said, trying to get her attention.

She waved at Kace with her eyes still focused on me. “In a minute, Kace. After Flynn gives me some dirty details.”

I turned and stared at her. “There are no dirty details. Royal is staying at my place a few days…on the couch. And that’s it.”

“Come on, Flynn” Marie grinned. “From what Kace says, this guy is your ideal: sexy as hell…and British. You’re telling me you didn’t jump on that the minute he walked in the door? I figured you’d be on this guy’s dick in a heartbeat.”

My gut twisted. “I’m telling you I haven’t done anything with his dick. I’m not having sex anymore. I’m celibate.”

“Celibate?” Marie’s grin left her face just before she threw her head back and roared with laughter.

And I stood fuming…





Marissa was born and raised in the Southeastern, US and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with her passion for writing, she’s always had a soft spot for hot, sensitive bad boys who are flawed, yet still yearn for that perfect guy to fall in love with.

When she’s not at her computer plotting steamy male/male love stories, Marissa is usally with her boyfriend and their “baby”, a German shepherd named Tyler.

She also loves spending time with close friends. Her perfect night out is at the local Mexican restaurant with a pitcher of frozen margaritas, her favorite drink btw.



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