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Release Day Review ~ You Belong With Me by J.R. Loveless

Release Day Review ~ You Belong With Me by J.R. Loveless
 Title: You Belong With Me
Author: J.R. Loveless
Release Date: November 9, 2016
Category: Contemporary, New Adult
Pages: 75

Scott has been in love with his best friend Craig for years, but watching Craig with his manipulative boyfriend has worn Scott down, and he knows he needs a break from the pain and maybe a change of scenery and perspective. His twin sister, Karen, convinces him to spend a summer in Paris.
Karen is sick and tired of seeing Scott suffer, and she’s not going to stand for it anymore. She confronts Craig and tells him what he’s been missing by spurning Scott’s affection in favor of a jerk who mistreats him.
When Craig unknowingly breaks Scott’s heart, Craig opens his eyes—and his own heart—to the possibility of a future with Scott. He plans to use the time while Scott’s abroad to orchestrate a romantic surprise that will show Scott they belong together. But when he sees Scott with another man at the airport, Craig fears he’s too late.

4* A nice tale, but with at times, some rather stilted dialogue and a bit of filler.

This is a nice YA tale of a couple of guys who are best friends, but with Scott being in love with Craig, who already has a boyfriend. It ends in the start of what may be a HEA, and the tale is sweet. It has decent parents in it, some really strong, protective love between twins, it has a 'sort of baddie' with the emphasis on 'sort of' and a TRULY heartbreaking, devastating betrayal orchestrated by said baddie, that made my chest tighten. Author, did you really have to make that scene so heartbreaking? Really? 

But, it also had a reveal about the female twin's boyfriend that didn't seem to go anywhere and came across as a bit of filler, which spoiled the tale a little. There was also one sex scene where the wording made it sound as if one of the leads was doing something anatomically impossible to himself, lol! 

I did think that the leads would likely end up together in the long-term, and the one who 'did wrong' grovelled quite nicely, which in my book, sort of made up a little for the heartbreaking event, even though I couldn't help but hope that he would end up doing much, much more. 

ARC courtesy of Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure.

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