Friday, February 8, 2019

Release Day Review: Eye of the Beholder by M.D. Grimm (Giveaway)

Title: Eye of the Beholder

Author: M.D. Grimm

Release Date: February 8, 2019
Category: Paranormal
Pages: 153

Is it better to risk it all… or never know what could have been?

After surviving an abusive childhood, Vulcan remade himself upon arriving in Los Angeles, California. He became a blacksmith for the paranormal community and strives to earn the respect of the vampire covens and werewolf packs that call LA home. He also prevents the pain of loss by keeping everyone at arm’s length.

But he never planned on meeting a former Roman soldier by the name of Marcus Cassius Vespillo. Something sparks between them and turns into a friendship he never considered possible. He can’t deny his intense attraction to the intelligent, courteous, ancient vampire. And it scares him.

Though Vulcan is wary of seeking more with Cassius, an attack leaves him at death’s door and forces him to reexamine his priorities. But Cassius has his own secret, one that promises tragedy and loss. And if that wasn’t enough, a slayer arrives in the States, one with a bloody connection to Cassius… and Vulcan himself.

4 Stars!
Eye of the Beholder is a fast and easy read and definitely one for when you’re in the mood for something light (with a touch of angsty emotion).

Vulcan has come to understand that forming personal attachments doesn’t work out well for him. As a blacksmith working for humans and supernaturals alike, he thrives on his independence. When the head of the local Vampire Coven introduces him to an ancient Roman Vampire, Vulcan realizes he might have to work harder to stay away from the intriguing Cassius. Just as Vulcan finally decided to let Cassius into his heart, an old enemy threatens not only Cassius and the coven but Vulcan as well.

This was fairly entertaining and kept my interest. There were times I felt as if the story would delve a bit deeper but it never really did. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed by that or if I just want to chalk it up to this being more of a light read. There were definitely some things that could have been expounded on but were kind of just left there in the background untouched.

The romance was sweet and I enjoyed the whole courting element that we got to see. Cassius was definitely sweet and sincere. Vulcan was a combination of sweet and vulnerable and tough and jaded. They fit well together and managed to balance one another quite well. The two also had some nice, steamy bedroom scenes that added more to their connection. Of course, it was pretty obvious that the focus was really on the connection they shared out of the bedroom.

Overall, I’d say if you’re in the mood for a light paranormal romance between a human and Vampire this might do it for you.

**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

4.25 Stars

Vulcan remade himself after he made his way to Los Angeles and met Dain, a blacksmith to the paranormal community. He keeps to himself and strives to keep the respect of the werewolves and vampires. He never intends to get close to anyone again, avoiding the pain of loss. While visiting the coven leader, the Duchess, he meets Cassius, a former Roman soldier. Intrigued, he finds himself spending more and more time with the ancient warrior. Cassius recently came to Los Angeles when the Duchess suggested it. He has been around a long time, but meeting Vulcan brings him back to life. He seeks out Vulcan repeatedly, protecting him when needed.

This story was really good. I wanted to spend more time in this world and with Vulcan and Cassius when it was over. Vulcan had a very good reason to remake himself, and his mentor Dain instilled a need to stay neutral in the supernatural world. Vulcan struggles with wanting to know Cassius while keeping his neutrality intact. I felt for Vulcan from the prologue onward; his past was rough and his loss profound. I liked Vulcan and was happy to see him finally take a chance on Cassius after a long courtship. I liked that Cassius was trying so hard not to push Vulcan too much or fast. Cassius had a really interesting life, and I loved his character. These two fit together so well, but still, their romance was not quick and a bit hard fought. I was happy to see them together and happy at the end.

If you like vampire or paranormal books, you may want to try this one. I really enjoyed it.

*** Copy provided to Bayo
u Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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  1. My favorite paranormal creature is a Vampire great to never age and I never liked the sun anyway!

  2. With respect to paranormal creatures, I like shifters, vampires and the fae best.

  3. So many paranormal creatures kranken, werewolves and demons.

  4. I have this book on my e-reader and can’t wait to read it!! I don’t think I have any specific favorite paranormal creature, love almost all of them feline, canine, big, small... perhaps dragon and gryphon as they were so majestically beautiful.. :)