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AotM: Metropolis Series by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack (Reviews+Giveaway)

Metropolis Series by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack


There's never a dull moment at Metropolis...the condominium known for having the hottest openly gay tenants in town. The boys of Metropolis are always on the prowl for a good time. They like their drinks heavy and their tricks easy.

Gary should be living it up in his South Tower unit of Metropolis, but he's having a hard time adjusting to his newly single status. It's not easy to walk away from five years with his ex, who he discovered was cheating on him with some North Tower twink. After a night out partying, licking his wounds, he goes to bed alone. When he wakes the next morning, there's a naked guy in his bed. Not just any guy. A stud from North Tower. But hot as he is, what the hell is he doing in his room?

Travis doesn't get why Gary's freaking out. So he went home with Gary's roommate and accidentally crawled into the wrong bed. It's not the first time he's woken up in a strange place. Maybe Gary would loosen up a little if he gave it a try as well. Travis has more important things to deal with his meeting with an investor who could give him the money to start his massage clinic.

They're both sure that's the last time they'll have to deal with each other until a mix-up leads Gary's ex and Travis's investor to think they're an item, which Gary and Travis use to their benefit by posing as a couple around town. Soon, they discover the chemistry between them is off the charts. Travis brings out a sexual confidence Gary didn't know he had--one Travis enjoys exploring with him. But as the two keep up their boyfriend hoax, Gary realizes Travis isn't as shallow as he thought. Gary's starting to develop feelings for him. But Travis doesn't do relationships, and Gary should know better, considering they're just faking it...

*Copy provided by the author for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

What, another surprise release from Riley Hart and Devon McCormack?!?! Yes! Faking It is Book 1 in a new, surprise series called Metropolis andit's going to be full of men, fun and love if this first book is anything to go by! 
Faking It introduces us to the Metropolis condo complex located in Atlanta, Georgia. Gary, one of the residents of Metropolis, is going on with his life after his long-term relationship has ended. While he'd be working away in the condo, his boyfriend would be in one of the other towers with someone younger and hotter, until Gary caught on. When Gary kicks him out, Peter moves in with his new boyfriend Ethan. Everyone in the towers knows that Peter's been cheating on Gary and that Gary is now alone. Gary tries to save face by blending in and not drawing attention to himself. That's what he's done his entire life, just tried to fade into the background. He just wants to go on with his life and forget the embarrassment. Gary's confidence is gone, and he has low-self esteem but his friend Derek isn't going to allow him to wallow. Derek insists they go out to the nearby club, Flirt. Gary goes but it isn't where he wants to be, no matter how many hot guys Derek tries to force his way. He takes Derek home with him to sleep the alcohol off on his couch and when Gary wakes up in the morning he isn't surprised that Derek ended up in bed with him. Except that's not Derek who's ended up in his bed. Travis is woken up by Gary's shock and is surprised to see that he's not in bed with Jacob, Gary's roommate. 

Travis also lives in the Metropolis and has no interest in relationships. He comes from a wealthy family, who want nothing to do with him because he's chosen to be gay. He's spent his whole life being an outsider in his family and this is just one more thing to make him different. Travis is a massage therapist and is hoping to get an investor to help him open his own practice so he no longer has to travel between client's houses. Travis is sexy and known throughout the condos for sleeping with other men. Travis meets with the investor at a pool party and is surprised to see Gary at the party. After his meeting finishes, he heads to Gary who is now faced with his ex and his ex's new boyfriend. He tries to help Gary out by pretending that they're more than acquaintances but that backfires when his potential investor finds him with Gary and assumes they're together. To help each other out, Gary and Travis begin to have a fake relationship, only they're going to get more than either expected.

I loved Riley and Devon's previous collaboration, they both bring a lot to the storytelling world, but I would never use the words light-hearted and fun to describe it. Light-hearted and fun is exactly what Faking It is, but don't think that means it's light on the storytelling or hot sex because, uh, hello, Riley Hart and Devon McCormack!! Gary and Travis have to work for their HEA but it's a delicious ride to the end! I love when writers take care of their characters! There's a scene in this book that takes place during a fundraiser (and as much as I want to give more of it away, you have to read it!!) and I was nervous about what was going to happen with Gary. Was it going to be awkward? Would he be embarrassed and humiliated? No! Gary owned his scene and it made me love them even more for giving that to him! 

I love everything about this new series and all the stories we can look forward to reading. And, listen, if you follow Devon on social media, you may recognize the set-up we have in these stories and can look at it as a little voyeurism into his life... I mean, not that I'm suggesting that you do that or anything! This is a must-read book and will definitely be one I read over and over again. I can not wait to read what these two authors create next!

Rating: 5++++ stars!


After his boyfriend dumps him, Hayden is in need of a place to live. Thanks to his buddies, he has a great lead to room with a guy named Cody in Metropolis, the hottest condominium in town. But things get a little uncomfortable when Hayden shows up for the interview and discovers he and Cody share an awkward up close and personal experience from their past.

Cody doesn't have a problem living with Hayden. He's had his share of help when he was down and out, and he wants to do the same for this guy. It's not long until Cody realizes how great it is having someone around. Sometimes, they watch movies together...and other times, they help get each other off--one of the perks of living with a guy who's as laid back about sex as he is. They hit off so well Cody even decides to act as wingman for Hayden while he gets used to hitting the town again.

Before they know it, they're spending more time with each other than with anyone else. But Hayden just got out of a relationship and should be spending his nights having fun and working it around town, not jumping into something serious again. Cody's always just gone with the flow, believing if it's meant to happen, it will. But life doesn't always work that way, and if they don't fight for what's right in front of them, Hayden and Cody might be over before they have the chance to even get started.

*Copy provided by the author for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

Working It is Book 2 of the Metropolis series by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack.  This book could probably be read on its own, but the first book has many, even most, of the same characters so I think the book would be more enjoyable if you had Hayden and Cody's history from the first one.  

After Hayden is dumped by his long-term boyfriend, he finds himself living with his mom and trying to find some place affordable to live on what he makes as a waiter.  His friend Gary tells him about Cody looking for a roommate in Metropolis.  Cody is Gary's boyfriend Travis' best friend, and his neighbor.  When Hayden meets Cody, they realize that they superficially knew each other from a threesome gone wrong with Hayden's ex.  Even though things are a little awkward between them, they both decide to give being roommates a chance.  Roommates with benefits happens quickly, though Cody is quick to let Hayden know that he's not interested in a relationship, and he thinks Hayden needs to date around and avoid a relationship for a while.  The two men become good friends, and their lives seem to merge seamlessly together.

Hayden was raised by a single mother who is very, very involved in his life.  Though Hayden didn't always have a lot growing up, he learned that he had more than most.  Hayden loved numbers and took care of the books and finances for many people, but worked as a waiter because he didn't have a degree.  Cody was homeless and did what he needed to survive.  He was lucky to have been found by a caring person who moved him into his home and became a father figure to him.  Doc provided for him, and gave him an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist, something Cody loves.  

I liked both of these characters, and their friends and family seemed like a fun group to hang out with.  I definitely got the friendship feel from them.  For most of the book, the men were not in a relationship with each other, and Hayden was trying to get back into the dating world.  When they finally did decide to date, the dating time on paper was very short, so I didn't really feel the relationship before things changed for them.  Towards the end, when Hayden dropped everything to support Cody, that was the first time I really felt the connection between the two men.  I enjoyed their story, and seeing all the other characters again, but I wish I had some more time of Cody and Hayden being a couple.  

Rating:  4 stars

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