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Review Tour ~ The Master Will Appear by L.A. Witt (Review + Giveaway)

Review Tour ~ The Master Will Appear by L.A. Witt (Review + Giveaway)

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Length: 120,000 words


Dr. Mikhail “Misha” Budnikov takes one look at fellow fencer Ryan O’Connor and instantly knows his type. The undisciplined hothead is all ego with no finesse and even less control. In short, Misha’s pet peeves personified. To put the arrogant kid in check, Misha challenges him to a sparring match, which he predictably wins.

Not so predictably, Ryan asks him to be a mentor and show him how to fence. Startled by the moment of humility, Misha agrees.

What begins as fencing lessons becomes something much hotter, and before they know it, Misha is giving Ryan an entirely different kind of education. Dominance, submission, pain, pleasure—at the hands of an older, experienced man, a whole new world is opening up for Ryan.

As the trust deepens and their bond strengthens, though, Ryan retreats because that sham called love left him jaded long ago. Cynical beyond his years, he’s not letting his guard down, least of all for a thrice-divorced man twice his age.

Now Misha has to find a way to crack through those defenses…or accept defeat and walk away from the submissive who might just be the love of his life.

4.5 Stars!!!

I don't usually read BDSM, however, the blurb of this book sounded really intriguing and I just couldn't resist. 

I think the author did a great job at bringing the fencing aspect to life for the reader, giving enough information without going overboard. Same with the BDSM, which didn't take over the story, even if a fair bit of it got explained, which made a lot of sense seeing as Ryan was new with it all. I loved the balance between their love life and the 'play time' and that the D/s was just a portion of their life as a whole. 

I loved Ryan and my heart broke for all he had to go through with his parents and siblings. He was a poor little rich boy, but he wasn't a party boy, only resorting to drinking when he had to spend Christmas with his family and really, just from the phone calls with his mom, I couldn't blame him for that. I adored that he was determined to stand on his own two feet no matter how long it took him, even if he had all those resources at his disposal. There were a couple of instances in which I really wanted to strangle Ryan for letting his family manipulate him, but I could also see his point. He was so cynical over relationships, because he'd never known someone that would actually love him for himself and not for what he could give them. At least until he met Misha.

I really liked Misha, while he was all gruff at first, it wasn't long until he fell for Ryan when he realized how perfect for him he was, despite the age gap between them. I liked how much of a romantic he was, despite his failed relationships. And the chemistry between Misha and Ryan? Damn, but I could've swooned with how well they fit together, be it during training or during a scene or just plain being together. They were really hot together and I just adored the transition from trainer/trainee into more. 

Aside from a scene that was just a bit too much for me—because no matter how hot it was or how Misha wanted to fulfill Ryan's fantasy, it kind of devalued their relationship in my eyes—the book pretty much surpassed my expectations. 

All in all, I really enjoyed The Master Will Appear and I think, even if you're not a fan of BDSM, it was written in a way that isn't jarring or too hardcore. The progression in their relationship felt very organic and natural and really, the age difference and the difference in their economic status wasn't really that much of an issue in the big scheme of things. Very recommendable!!!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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Author Bio

L.A. Witt is an abnormal M/M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain. In between wondering how she didn’t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever-growing herd of rabid plot bunnies. She also has substantially more time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don’t tell Lauren. And definitely don’t tell Lori A. Witt or Ann Gallagher. Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shut…


Twitter: @GallagherWitt

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