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Release Day Review ~ Two for Trust by Elle Brownlee

Title: Two for Trust
Author: Elle Brownlee
Release Date: May 15, 2017
Category: Contemporary, Dreamspun Desires
Pages: 252

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A fairy-tale vacation—if he can get the ending right.

American nurse Finch Mason steps beyond the comfort of his orderly life and takes a dream trip to England, complete with a National Trust Pass so he can visit numerous historical sites. At the first one on his list, he’s warmly welcomed—and told he bought a pass good for two.

Finch doesn’t hesitate to offer the pass to Benedict, a handsome Brit also there on an outing. They spend a magical week touring the countryside, and while it’s too soon to get attached, Finch wishes their time together would never end.

Then Finch finds himself stuck abroad with no money, and he has no one to turn to but Benedict. Benedict is happy to help, but he also owes Finch some answers—such as who he really is and why he was at the estate where they first met.

2.5 Stars

American Nurse Finch Mason takes a trip to England and by mistake buys a National Trust pass for two persons for one week to visit the different historical sites, instead of a pass for one person for two weeks. Since the pass can’t be changed, he invites Benedict, a guy who’s also on the first site he visits, to share the visit with him. When they meet again after Finch suffers an accident, they decide to spend the rest of the week sharing the pass and Finch wishes the time will never end. Benedict is mysterious and handsome and Finch is drawn to him, however, things might change when Benedict’s secrets start to get revealed.

I liked Finch, he was a lovely character and I really wanted him to get his HEA. I liked Benedict’s employees, Croft and Mrs. Croft, they were really nice.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I liked. Benedict was so closed-off and unlikable, and while we got some of his POV, I just didn’t see any redeeming qualities in him whatsoever. I wanted Finch to run away fast and hide from him. He seemed very controlling and used to getting what he wanted. I didn’t feel any chemistry between him and Finch, either. Perhaps if the author hadn’t spent so much page time devoted to the visits and interactions with other characters, or if I’d been able to see some kind of attraction growing between them, and not just on Finch’s part. Never mind that it took them until 91% to finally kiss and it was so anticlimactic to have it described as succinctly as it was.

“I should,” Benedict growled, seeming to read Finch’s thoughts. “I’ve been out of my mind.” He loosened his grip so he could haul Finch into his arms and kiss Finch senseless.

Finch pitched sideways when Benedict at last drew back, and he snagged Benedict’s sweater as he latched on. His confused heart lurched and his racing mind sped so much it ground to a halt and crashed. He stammered and couldn’t quite believe Benedict had just kissed him, and not just a kiss but a kiss, so he grasped at the one thought he could vocalize.

It wasn’t like I was expecting a book filled with sex, but was it too much to ask for at least a good descriptive kiss or two? Apparently yes.

The writing was good or would have been had this been a historical book. As it was, it was too formal and it made it harder for me to connect with the story. Perhaps someone might enjoy this book, but I just can’t recommend it.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. *** 

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