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Audiobook Review: Practice Makes Perfect by Jay Northcote

Audiobook Review: Practice Makes Perfect (Housemates #3) - Jay Northcote 

Author: Jay Northcote

Release Date: June 22

Buy Link: Amazon 

Length: 5 hours and 13 minutes

Narrator: Mark Steadman

Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance 


Getting experience with the guy next door seems like a great idea—until the lines blur.

Dev, a geeky first year physics student, has zero sexual experience and he’s determined to change that ASAP. After a bad time in halls of residence, he’s starting the summer term with different housemates and a new plan of action.

Ewan lives in the house next door to Dev. He’s young, free and single, and isn’t looking to change that anytime soon. When awkward circumstances throw them together, Ewan offers to help Dev out in the bedroom in return for maths tutoring, and Dev jumps at the chance.

They work their way through Dev’s sex-to- do list, but what starts as a perfect no- strings arrangement gets more complicated as their feelings for each other begin to grow. If they’re going to turn their lessons in lovemaking into something more permanent, they need to work out how they feel about each other—before they get to the end of Dev’s list.

NB: Although this book is part of a series, it is a complete story with different main characters and can be read as a standalone. 

*Audible code provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author for my listening pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

Practice Makes Perfect is Book 3 in Jay Northcote's Housemates series. These books can be read on their own, but there are reoccurring characters and I think it would be more enjoyable to know all their stories as well!

Dev is a geeky virgin who lives by lists. He's moved into a shared residence after a bad incident in the dorm he lived in and is looking to change his virgin status. He's created a list to help, join a hook-up app in hopes of getting experience, try everything he can, get a boyfriend. It seems simple enough in his mind until he joins the hook-up app and is getting unexpected messages. Dev's new neighbor notices him on the app, and Ewan decides to talk to Dev about it despite the awkward first meeting they had. When Ewan goes to see Dev, instead he finds himself volunteering to teach Dev everything he wants to know in exchange for help with one of his classes. Both men decide to have a friends with benefits arrangement to work through Dev's list, but didn't expect the attraction they would actually feel.

This was a funny, awkward, sweet story of discovery with little angst. Dev was exactly what one expects of a young, smart, geeky boy and underneath that was a very sexual being looking to escape. Ewan was sweet and unexpectedly protective of Dev. This book was full of discovery between two college boys, who found more than they were looking for. As you can imagine, a story full of firsts was hot and steamy.

The narrator of this story is Mark Steadman and this was the first time I've listened to a narration by him. I enjoyed listening to him and found his voice to be very soothing. So soothing in fact, that sometimes I had to go back in the story to relisten because I would zone out and just listen to the narrator's voice and not focus on the words he was saying! He had a good pace, flow, and was able to provide recognizable different voices for characters.

Overall: 4.5 stars
Performance: 5 stars
Story: 4.5 stars

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