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Release Day Reviews ~ Alpha Unit One, New York by Chris T. Kat

Release Day Review ~ Alpha Unit One, New York by Chris T. Kat

Title: Alpha Unit One, New York
Author: Chris T. Kat
Release Date: July 27, 2018
Category: Paranormal - Shifter
Pages: 161
The cat’s out of the bag….
In a world that accepts shifters as normal and thinks nothing of human/shifter couples, baby shifters and small shifters are treated as subpar. They are not allowed into the more dangerous professions, and their mates have legal control over what they can and cannot do.
Nicholas Reed is about to challenge the established rules. At twenty-eight, Nick has just been accepted into New York’s Alpha Unit One—an elite law enforcement team, composed equally of humans and shifters, that specializes in drug crimes. It is Nick’s dream job. But if they find out what he’s hiding, his career could be destroyed.
Enter a huge complication in the form of Sam Black, an older lion shifter who is the leader of the unit… and Nick’s mate. Nick wants Sam, and he wants to keep his job, but he can’t have them both. He also can’t choose between them.

3.5 Stars!

Nick is both excited and nervous to join his new Police Unit, Alpha Unit One, which is comprised of both shifter and human officers. He’s got a secret that could destroy his career if anyone found out and he does his best to keep it hidden. Things become difficult however as he finds an undeniable attraction to his team leader, Sam, who is definitely beginning to suspect that Nick may not be as human as he claims to be.

Okay, so yes, this was an entertaining read and it was fairly quick and easy to get through. I liked the characters and the plot was interesting but truth be told, I had an extremely difficult time not comparing this to another very popular series with a similar theme. I wish I could have pushed it aside but unfortunately as a fan of that series and its characters I struggled to see this one for what it was.

***Spoiler ahead*** (Please hover with your mouse over the blank space to view)

I also truly had an issue with the whole baby shifter angle. I am actually more than a little uncomfortable with it, to be honest, and while, yes, baby shifters are cute and I’d love to cuddle one, being mates to one just seems a bit weird to me. I didn’t really see why that was used instead of something different like small sized shifter or Omega or something. To imagine a grown lion shifter mated to a baby snow leopard (even if both human sides are grown men) seemed strange to me.


Overall, though, I enjoyed the story and while not completely original or unique, I’d recommend it to fans of Shifter stories.

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5 Stars 

This book was great! It’s one of those books that you cannot stop reading and you don’t want to put down. I ended up reading this one straight through to the end. I’m not quite sure if this is going to be a series of books or not, but it for sure needs to be. I would love to read more about these characters and learn more about the other Alpha Teams in different cities as well, I really think the premise of this story could be taken a lot further and I would read every single one of them without hesitation.

I’ve never read this author before and I was really impressed with everything they packed into this book. It was really interesting. This book had a lot of suspense and a little mystery behind what was happening and who was behind it all. The storyline and background were explained and laid out pretty well and it all progressed at a really decent pace. I loved all of the characters and all of their interactions together they just really had the best dynamic going between all of the team members and not just the main characters. I have actually never read a shifter book quite like this before. I loved the aspect of them being in a police unit filled with Alpha shifters and humans mixed together. But that there are different types of shifters; not just Alpha/Omega and that some actually shift and revert into a “baby” and/or small animal form. Those shifters are not allowed to do “dangerous” jobs since they have more innocent type personalities when they are in their baby shifter form. They are just supposed to be cared for and looked after even though they are still human adults they are looked at and treated differently than everyone else.

Sam is the lead Alpha shifter on Team One, New York. When Nick joins the team as a human all the members seem to realize something is different about him but can’t determine right away exactly what it is. Sam and Nick have an instant connection to each other that they slowly realize is the mate bond trying to surface. I really enjoyed reading how Nicky was so determined to push past the stigma and stay with the team even when he had to deal with mating Sam. And Sam, I was really happy he pushed away his Alpha side enough to allow Nicky to stay in place and do his job with the team. Can I also just mention how freaking cute it is when they are both shifted and interacted together in their animal forms, that just makes you melt a little inside, they end up being so great together as a couple. This book was really fantastic and I cannot wait to see if we get more, but it’s for sure going onto my need to re-read soon shelf for now.

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3 stars

Alpha Unit One, New York is a new book by the wonderful Chris K. Kat. Nicholas Reed is a new member of Alpha Unit One, an elite law enforcement team that is made of both humans and shifters. It's his dream job but while applying he leaves out a very important piece of information. The leader of said team, Sam Black, is a lion shifter and Nick's mate. Nick has to make an important decision, his mate or his job?

Nick's character was very cute. He was funny, good at his job and while in his second form, adorable. I started off not liking Sam but with Nick he was so sweet and caring. I loved the rest of the team, too. I liked how while not main characters we saw a lot of them.

This book reminded me a lot of another well-known series. Even the main character somewhat reminded me of it. While it was somewhat similar, it was also very different, the whole baby shifter's situation was both odd and unique. How can one have a different age while human and shift? But the author made it work. It was insta-love, though, which kind of brought the rating down for me a bit. 

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4 Stars

Nick is extremely sarcastic and sassy when he is backed into a corner but still vulnerable while trying to keep his secret. Having so many large shifters surrounding him day after day and not letting on his scent and nature is taking its toll on him.

Sam is very gruff and protective but can’t figure out what exactly is up with Nick. He is confused as to why he feels protective over the slightly smaller man. I loved the dynamic of the big man and the smaller one.

Living in a world where small and baby shifters aren’t allowed to hold high positions of power is very sad and hurtful. I loved the others that make up the Alpha Unit One a wide mixture of human and different shifters which makes things fun and slightly dangerous.

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve picked up a shifter style book because I burnt myself out on them a while ago but I was drawn to this one. It had a special feel to it and I knew I had to read it. So glad I did!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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