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Release Day Review ~ Redemption by S.C. Wynne

Release Day Review ~ Redemption by S.C. Wynne

Title: Redemption
Author: S.C. Wynne


After losing his lover of more than thirty years, Andrew struggles with guilt and grief on a daily basis. He wrestles with the idea of moving forward, and leaving the memories of his past lover, Rory, behind. Even if he had the courage to look for love again, he’s in his fifties, and has been out of the dating game for decades. What could he possibly have to offer someone else?

Michael has spent most of his life hopping from one lover to the next. He longs for the stability of a relationship, but is afraid he’ll have to sacrifice heat and chemistry—until he lays eyes on Andrew. From their first conversation there is no denying they have an emotional and physical connection.

Will these two men figure out that age is just a number, and the future is bright for those who reach for it?

5 Stars!

Sometimes it's really hard to connect with the characters when reading a novel, let alone a novella, where there's less page-time to actually feel like you get to know the MCs and when it's just one POV, it somehow feels harder. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Ms. Wynne not only made me care for both Andrew and Michael, but also for Rory and Frederick and showed us enough of them through Andrew's eyes to feel as if I knew them.

I loved Andrew, and my heart broke for his grief and his guilt. It felt realistic and poignant. Michael was amazing and just perfect for him, sweet, patient and understanding. They had great chemistry together and I loved that Michael gave Andrew all the space he needed before making a move and made sure to check that what they were doing was what Andrew wanted every step of the way.

Rory was such an integral part of the story, even if he'd died, as he should be. You can't just wipe out 30 years of being with the same man in one fell sweep and I was very happy with how sensitively the author dealt with it. And Frederick, well, he was the kind of friend Andrew needed to help him move on, even if he forced Andrew's hand a bit.

Overall, this was a bit of an angsty ride, but oh so very worthwhile. It was refreshing to read about two 50-something-year-olds trying to navigate through life and loss and finding each other. Very recommendable!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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