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Release Day Review: Twenty-two by S. Davidson



Taylor's job was to photograph the spoils of the war. His instructions – make our military look good. Problem – the view was not always a pretty one. His obsession – keeping some of the worse images that he captured, often the last proof of what the depths a man will go to when faced with his own morality. Often, his images were so horrific, he didn't dare let anyone else see, particularly the military. 

Ryan ran a successful business, was well respected, and was raising two children. Surrounded by small-minded people, he didn't dare come out as a gay man to his employees or his clients without the fear of losing business. Instead, he traveled miles from home just to keep his secret safe.  

Sometimes, a one-night stand becomes more. 

Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. Will Taylor be part of that count? Not if Ryan has any say in it.  

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3.75 Stars

I’ve read a couple of books by this author that were good, in fact, The Ties That Bind was absolutely phenomenal, but this book just didn’t do it for me. While I loved the subject matter and the premise of the story was outstanding, the execution of the story fell short for me.

I’ll start with Taylor and his guns. I’m definitely not saying that this happening isn’t possible, and I don’t have all the answers, so I’m just thinking logically here when I say, I find it difficult to believe that someone as mentally damaged as Taylor, who has a practically debilitating case PTSD with almost daily flashbacks is still able to have access to a deadly weapon. This is a severe mental illness and he exhibits extreme bouts of rage and anger. Why does this man have a license to own a firearm?!?

This story had so much potential, but I didn’t find the emotion I was looking for. It seemed to me that, until near the very end, there weren’t any strong emotions between Taylor and Ryan. Their relationship was missing a connection and passion and while the subject matter of the story is dark, and the story does have some dark moments, I found that Taylor and Ryan made light of a lot of what Taylor was going through. Things that should have been taken seriously were laughed off.

Honestly, the ending was the best part of the story, and even that was too rushed. I feel like I finally started to connect with them and suddenly, it was over. The ending was filled with the passion and emotion I had been looking for, but I wanted that throughout the rest of the story as well and I wanted to see more of what the future held for Taylor and Ryan. I definitely wanted a more solid ending.

Taylor’s backstory was heartbreaking, but I found I couldn’t really connect with him and his attitude made it hard for me to even feel bad for him at times. Ryan was a likable guy and both men were amazing with Ryan’s niece and nephew. There were some really sweet moments between them. I also loved Larry and Grace, Ryan’s farm manager and his wife, who is the children’s nanny. They were a great support system for Ryan and later, Taylor as well and were intent on making these men see what was happening between them.

The story didn’t always flow well from one scene to the next and at times there were huge gaps in time where the story jumped ahead, so the progression of Taylor and Ryan’s relationship didn’t feel as natural as it should have and I wanted to see it develop more gradually.

I know this review sounds really negative, but there were things I liked about the story, unfortunately, I just I wanted more. Still, recommendable.

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About The Author:

Shelly has been writing M/M stories for years, beginning in fanfiction (ER, LOTR) and advancing to full length novels. While most of her novels can be considered romantic, they are far from your average M/M romance. They all include characters who are real, in pain, and most stories center around taboo topics - topics that are not usual subjects of a M/M romance novel.

While not writing, Shelly spends time with family, runs an online Home Décor business and works a real day job.

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