Saturday, June 16, 2018

Book Review: The Swap by Annabella Michaels


When their daughter goes off to college, Samuel and his wife Gayle begin to take stock of their lives. Realizing they’re best friends and not in love with one another, the two agree to an amicable split. Nervous about jumping back into the dating world, they accept a friend’s invitation to attend a swap party.

Tossing their keys into a bowl and leaving it up to fate to decide who they’re paired with is too tempting to resist. But when Samuel is faced with an audacious young man who strikes up a conversation, the attraction to men he’s kept buried for so long comes rushing back.

At twenty-two years old, Oliver Hughes is one of the most sought after male models in the world. Sassy and bold, with a penchant for wearing high heels and a touch of makeup, Oliver’s life is what he always dreamed it could be. Except for one thing…

Yearning to fall in love and settle down, Oliver’s grown bored of meaningless hookups with shallow, fame seeking guys. While attending a swap party, his last-ditch effort to find someone who doesn’t know who he is when they meet, Oliver finds himself drawn to a handsome, older man. One who’s endearingly unaware of his own appeal.

As their relationship grows, something sinister and dark threatens what they’ve managed to build. What will it take for Oliver and Samuel to survive, and is their happily ever after doomed from the start?

4.5 Stars!

I will admit that I wasn't too sure about this book at first. The blurb sounded interesting, but I'm not fond of books in which the MCs have sex with others. I pushed forward, though, and I'm very glad I did.

After their daughter leaves for college, Samuel and his wife realize that while they love each other, they've never really been in love with each other and that they deserve more than what they have together. However, they're both wary of dating after so long, so they go to a swap party. There, Samuel meets an alluring young man that draws him in and suddenly he's eager to explore his long-buried attraction to men.

Oliver is a very sought-after model, while he's not new to the swap scene, he's grown weary of it all and wants something more. He's attracted to the handsome, unassuming Samuel, who seems to accept him like he is, and he wants more.

However, there's something, or rather, someone, that might threaten their newfound happiness.

I loved both Samuel and Oliver. They were both lovely and I was glad that despite the age gap, age didn't really play a part in their relationship. Oliver was a mature 22-year-old and Samuel never tried to make him feel less. It was refreshing that there was so little conflict in their relationship, actually. They fit well together and had amazing chemistry, and of course, it didn't hurt that Annabella Michaels writes some of the steamiest sex scenes I've ever read!

I loved Samuel's interactions with his ex-wife and their daughter, and even with his ex-wife's new boyfriend, and I was very glad they were all there for him and Oliver when they needed them.

The suspense portion of the story was very well-thought out and developed. I had my suspicions, and while they were sort of confirmed, I was still surprised by how it all played out.

Overall, The Swap was engaging, well-written and intriguing and even if there's a part that made me very anxious and then cry in despair, Annabella made it all better and the epilogue was perfection. Very recommendable!

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