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Release Blitz ~ Barging In by Josephine Myles (Review + Giveaway)

Release Blitz ~ Barging In by Josephine Myles (Review + Giveaway)

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Length: 93,000 words


When the boat's a rockin', don't come knockin'!

Out-and-proud travel writer Dan Taylor is a city boy who can’t steer a boat to save his life, but that doesn’t stop him from heading into the English countryside to write up a narrowboat holiday. Compared to London, the canal seems dull as ditchwater. Until he crashes into the boat of a half-naked, tattooed man whose bad-boy, penniless appearance doesn’t fit with his posh accent. Dan is intrigued, and he always gets his man.

Still smarting from a past betrayal, Robin Hamilton is firmly closeted in his narrowboat—his refuge from outrageous, provocative men like Dan. But as circumstances keep throwing them together, he can’t help himself from coming to the hopelessly out-of-place city boy’s rescue. Exposure to Dan’s sunny charm starts to melt Robin’s resolve and he’s tempted by the idea of a brief, harmless fling.

After all, in less than a week, Dan will have left the canal and be back to his diet of casual hook-ups and friends with benefits.

Determined not to fall in love, both men dive into one week of indulgence…only to find themselves swept away by a current of escalating intimacy and emotional intensity. Troubled waters they didn’t anticipate… and haven’t a clue how to navigate.

Warning: Contains one lovable tart, one posh boy gone feral, rough sex, alfresco sex, vile strawberry flavoured condoms, intimate body piercings, red thermal long-johns, erotic woodchopping, an errant cat, a few colourful characters you wouldn't touch with a bargepole, and plenty of messing about on the river.

3.5 Stars

Dan is sent by the travel magazine he freelances for to do a piece about a narrowboat holiday. He has no clue how to steer the boat, okay, he didn't really pay attention to the crash course he got before he rented the thing, and ends up crashing against the boat of a tattooed man, because he was chopping wood shirtless. Needless to say, the man isn't too happy with this, but helps Dan navigate his boat into safety.

After a bad ending to a bad relationship, Robin ends up living at the English canals in his narrowboat. The last thing he wants is getting involved with someone like Dan, but the Londoner's sunny disposition and their growing attraction convinces him to give Dan a try. What neither of them anticipate is that feelings will start to emerge and neither of them have a clue if they'll manage to sink or swim. 

I wasn't too sure what to feel about Robin at first, he was very gruff but he ended up being my favorite of the two. He might have been grumpy, but he turned into putty once feelings were involved and I just about melted along with him. Now, Dan, well, he might have been charming but I didn't quite like how he handled a few things. (Spoiler Alert: If you want to read, please hover over the blank space with your mouse or select copy/paste on your phone) Cheating, no matter if it's just a kiss or a bj or whatever, is cheating and it's not something I'm comfortable reading. Especially considering that the characters had decided to be exclusive and Dan knew about Robin's past. I don't care if Robin brushed off the first time, or that they'd had a bit of a row first, it happened again and made me think Robin was right in not trusting Dan at first. I simply couldn't believe in their connection or that they'd really make it work after that and that diminished my overall enjoyment.

The book was well-written, hot and interesting, even if it's not my favorite story by Josephine Myles, perhaps others might find it more enjoyable than I did. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

Author Bio

English through and through, Josephine Myles is addicted to tea and busy cultivating a reputation for eccentricity. She writes gay erotica and romance, but finds the erotica keeps cuddling up to the romance, and the romance keeps corrupting the erotica. Jo blames her rebellious muse but he never listens to her anyway, no matter how much she threatens him with a big stick. She’s beginning to suspect he enjoys it.

Jo’s novel Stuff won the 2014 Rainbow Award for Best Bisexual Romance, and her novella Merry Gentlemen won the 2014 Rainbow Award for Best Gay Romantic Comedy. She loves to be busy, and is currently having fun trying to work out how she is going to fit in her love of writing, dressmaking and attending cabaret shows in fabulous clothing around the demands of a preteen with special needs and an incessantly curious toddler.

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Twitter: @JosephineMyles

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