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Release Day Review ~ Hanging The Stars by Rhys Ford

Release Day Review ~ Hanging The Stars by Rhys Ford

Title: Hanging the Stars

Series: Half Moon Bay: Book Two

Author: Rhys Ford
Release Date: December 5, 2016
Category: Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 206

Dreamspinner   ~    Goodreads

Angel Daniels grew up hard, one step ahead of the law and always looking over his shoulder. A grifter's son, he’d learned every con and trick in the book but ached for a normal life. Once out on his own, Angel returns to Half Moon Bay where he once found… and then lost… love.
Now, Angel's life is a frantic mess of schedules and chaos. Between running his bakery and raising his troubled eleven-year-old half brother, Roman, Angel has a hectic but happy life. Then West Harris returns to Half Moon Bay and threatens to break Angel all over again by taking away the only home he and Rome ever had.
When they were young, Angel taught West how to love and laugh, but when Angel moved on, West locked his heart up and threw away the key. Older and hardened, West returns to Half Moon Bay and finds himself face-to-face with the man he'd lost. Now West is torn between killing Angel or holding him tight.
But rekindling their passionate relationship is jeopardized as someone wants one or both of them dead, and as the terrifying danger mounts, neither man knows if the menace will bring them together or forever tear them apart.

4.5 Stars!

This story picks up two years after Fish Stick Fridays and introduces us to Angel and his brother Roman. Angel has taken on guardianship of his younger brother since he was dumped on him two years ago by his deadbeat, con man father. Doing his best, he's determined to raise his brother the best way he knows how, with love and support. However, when West walks back into his life it throws a wrench in his carefully crafted life and routine. He goes from selling treats to dodging bullets and it becomes clear real fast that West is a very important part of his life.

While I loved this book, I have to admit I was a bit confused in the beginning. I felt a bit lost at first because there seemed to be so much that had happened in the two years between this and the previous book. I almost went searching to see if there was a story in between that I'd missed. Luckily, though, as I got a bit further along, I didn't feel lost and I found myself engrossed in the story.

West is frankly one of my favorite characters. He's funny and sarcastic and a tad bit grumpy. Yet he has so much heart and I love that. He's completely different than his character in the first book. I thought he was like a cardboard cutout in book 1 but in Hanging The Stars he was great. He could go from teasing his niece to joking with his brother and then sniping at his brother in law. All in a matter of seconds.

Angel was also very likable and he went so well with West. The two of them had great chemistry and I desperately wanted them to sort themselves out so they could just be happy. Not only for themselves but for Roman as well. The three of them make a great little family and I definitely want to see more from them.

I definitely recommend this book as well as Fish stick Fridays.

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

Previously in the series: 

Fish Stick Fridays by Rhys Ford

Half Moon Bay: Book One

Deacon Reid was born bad to the bone with no intention of changing. A lifetime of law-bending and living on the edge suits him just fine—until his baby sister dies and he finds himself raising her little girl.

Staring down a family history of bad decisions and reaped consequences, Deacon cashes in everything he owns, purchases an auto shop in Half Moon Bay, and takes his niece, Zig, far away from the drug dens and murderous streets they grew up on. Zig deserves a better life than what he had, and Deacon is determined to give it to her.

Lang Harris is stunned when Zig, a little girl in combat boots and a purple tutu, blows into his bookstore, and then he’s left speechless when her uncle, Deacon Reid, walks in hot on her heels. Lang always played it safe, but Deacon tempts him to step over the line… just a little bit.

More than a little bit. And Lang is willing to be tempted.

Unfortunately, Zig isn’t the only bit of chaos dropped into Half Moon Bay. Violence and death strike, leaving Deacon scrambling to fight off a killer before he loses not only Zig but Lang too.

4.5 Stars

How can you not fall in love with a precocious, smart mouthed little girl with a penchant for pink tutus and combat boots. Or a man on a bike with a heart of gold. You throw in a cute, sweet man who owns a bookstore and two cats full of personality and you have a pretty great book. Definitely one I recommend and a series I pray will continue. I loved it!

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