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2016 Advent Calendar Review ~ Resolutions by Emma Keene

2016 Advent Calendar Review ~ Resolutions by Emma Keene
Title: Resolutions

Author: Emma Keene
Category: Holiday, Contemporary
Pages: 33

As an advertising executive, it’s Logan’s job to sell people holiday cheer, and he’s good at what he does. But deep down, Logan hates everything about Christmas, so he worries that his crush on the hot baker who loves the holidays is a recipe for disaster.
Last year, Logan saw Ryan at a holiday party Ryan was catering, and the attraction was instant. In a drunken moment, Logan made it his New Year’s resolution to ask the pastry chef out. But another year has slipped away, time is running out, and Logan’s assistant demands he collect on his resolution. Can Logan find the confidence that usually comes so easily to him? And if he does, will Ryan have any interest in spending the holidays with a man who doesn’t share his enthusiasm for the season?

4 Stars! 
A lovely little tale that ends in my kind of HEA.

This is a short and sweet tale of an advertising guy who happens to see and like a coffee shop owner at his company NYE's do. He makes a NY resolution to ask the guy out by the same time next year and plans on doing just that.

However, stuff gets in the way, and he almost ends up losing out on the guy who ends up being THE guy of his dreams. Add in a little not-quite fairy godmother who lends a helping interfering hand and the resolution ends up achieved, and cemented the following year.

This is one of the nicest holiday tales I've read from DSP and it's one that'll make me look out for this author.

ARC courtesy of Dreamspinner Press and Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure.

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