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Book Review ~ Alone For Christmas by Ashley John

Book Review ~ Alone For Christmas by Ashley John

Book: Alone For Christmas
Author: Ashley John
Release Date: November 20, 2016
Length: 165 Pages
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Noah expected to spend Christmas alone, but he never expected to spend it falling in love with his boss. 

With his third divorce looming and his bank accounts frozen, Chip Harington was surprisingly okay with spending Christmas alone, even if he was living out of a suitcase in his office. He had already decided to skip the office Christmas party, until some surprising words from one of his employees makes him change his mind. 

Noah always expected the crush for his boss to fade, but after two years working under Chip, his feelings are stronger than ever. With Chip’s personal life in tatters once more, Noah never expected his boss to show his face at the office Christmas party, so he was even more surprised when his drunken attempt to kiss Chip turned into so much more. 

Chip assumed his encounter with Noah was nothing more than a one-night stand, but when his employee emerges from a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, they are forced to spend Christmas together in a London office block. With the lines between employer and employee blurred, will either man emerge from the snow the same, or will their Christmas encounter change the course of their lives forever, making them wish they had spent Christmas alone after all? 


Genre: Christmas, Gay Romance, MM Romance, Christmas novella. 

5 Stars!

So Ashley John is a new author for me. I just finished reading Ricky which I loved and I couldn't resist the cover for Alone for Christmas. It was definitely worth it because I very much enjoyed it. While it didn't have nearly the amount of angst as Ricky (it's rather short in comparison) it was still a sweet and somewhat emotional read.

Noah works in the legal department of Harington Publishing House. He's had a crush on his boss Chip Harington for quite a while but knows it will never go anywhere. After all, Chip is in the middle of his third divorce. He's obviously straight. Then a drunken kiss at the company Christmas party leads to an unforgettable night in bed together.

However, when Chip rushes out the next morning, Noah wonders if he's just screwed everything up. Knowing that Chip will be on his own this Christmas and camped out in his office, sleeping on the sofa, Noah decides to ask Chip to spend Christmas with him. Since Noah is alone too, it's for both of their sakes.

Surprised that Noah would want to spend his Christmas with him, Chip accepts his offer for company. With the winter weather storm that hits, they are basically trapped in the building. But the two grow closer and actually have fun. It's a better holiday than either expected to have. Only Christmas can only last for so long and Noah and Chip must face what they're doing and whether or not they can have a future when it's time to go back to work.

I really liked Noah and Chip and thought they had great chemistry. They made a good couple and seemed to compliment one another with their individual strengths. I was hoping that nothing too bad would happen and scare them off. And while there are definitely some angsty moments, overall, this is a story of two men who find a bond they never expected and fall in love.

This is definitely a great Holiday read and I absolutely recommend it.

*Copy acquired by the reviewer through Kindle Unlimited.*

About Ashley:

Ashley John is a gay author of gay/mm romance novels. Living in the north of England with his fiance and two cats, Ashley John spends his days writing down the voices he hears in his head. His books are primarily romance dramas with sprinklings of erotica and he has a knack for making you feel like you're living right beside the characters he creates. Ashley John is also a keen artist and he puts his artistic side to designing all of his own covers.
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