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Release Blitz ~ Untouchable (An Unacceptables MC Romance) by Kristen Hope Mazzola (Review)

Release Blitz ~ Untouchable (An Unacceptables MC Romance) by Kristen Hope Mazzola (Review)

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An Unacceptables MC Romance

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Muscular torso of athletic man in leather jacket The life I live is a dangerous one: I am an outlaw. A proud member of the Unacceptables MC. Our club is a family and we will do anything to protect it - and I mean anything. The dust was finally settling from our last war. I was sober, the MC was healing from our loss, and life was getting back to normal. But regicide cannot go unpunished. And when a newcomer arrives and threatens all that we hold dear...well, he better watch his back, because... I am Trent Laurence. I will stop at nothing to protect what I believe in. Cool seductive man in black leather jacket flirting and looking at camera

4 Stars!

So it must be said that had this story been a full-length novel and fleshed out more. Had the character been given more depth and a chance to really develop, I would probably be giving this story 5 out of 5 Stars. As it stands, however, it just moved too fast and was cleaned up and over in the blink of an eye. I never had a chance to know the characters or get a feel for the club or grow to care about the plot.

Technically, the writing was good and I think the premise of the story, while not unique, was good. I didn't know going in that this was less than 70 pages long and I'd never read the previous book so I wasn't aware that it was more of a fast-paced instalove type story. Had I known my feelings might have been a tad different towards it.

I liked Trent and felt as if I wanted to see much more of him. We got a small taste (hor d'oeuvres size) of his backstory and it left me completely intrigued. I want more of him a lot more because I think he makes a great H. He has a past that obviously is filled with a lot of dark and that darkness and the pain really molded him into the man he is. Unfortunately, though, we don't get to really see enough to fully embrace his character.

Sloane was okay but again without really getting to know her, I found myself unable to connect with her. The way she went from smart and strong woman on the run to melted puddle of goo with Trent sort of irked me. I understand it had to happen fast because of pacing but had we gotten a chance to see her slowly letting down those walls and learning to trust him, I would have believed it much more. Obviously, she trusted him, but why? She was drawn to him, felt a strong attraction towards him, why? What made her just decide to be open, free and safe with these people of the club? Again, I needed more.

Overall, I think this is a kind of quick fix type book. The sort of story you pull out when you don't have much time but you want to read about Biker's and their women. Would I recommend it? Yeah, sure. Just be prepared that it moves fast, very fast. 

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I am just an average twenty-something following my dreams. I have a full time “day job” and by night I am an author. I guess you could say that writing is like my super power (I always wanted one of those). I am the lover of wine, sushi, football and the ocean; that is when I am not wrapped up in the literary world. Please feel free to contact me to chat about my writing, books you think I’d like or just to shoot the, well you know. A portion of all my royalties are donated to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation. 

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