Thursday, September 21, 2017

Book Review: Cursed by Kris Sawyer

TITLE: Cursed
SERIES: Alpha’s Warlock – Book One

AUTHOR: Kris Sawyer
COVER ARTIST: Sidney Lowell
LENGTH: Novella
GENRE: M/M, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

BLURB: Clyde Barrington is a cursed werewolf. While other wolves in his pack transform to their true form under a full moon, Clyde is forced to shift every night. As a wolf, he roams the forest alone without a purpose. One night, when a house catches fire, he runs off to rescue the handsome man living there.
Terry, the new guy in town, is introduced first to Clyde’s wolf form before he could even meet the guy in person. At first, he has no clue that Clyde is a werewolf. But when Terry finds out the cursed secret, he not only manages to help him but also ends up revealing his true identity.
Clyde’s pack would have to get past their history with the notorious and powerful warlocks and witches in order to trust Terry.
Soon, werewolves begin to disappear. Clyde finds himself entangled in the web of lies and betrayal before facing a dilemma of whether to choose his newfound love or his own pack.
Who will he choose?

3 Stars!

I apologize because, truthfully, I wanted to give this book more, since it had a lot of potential. However, I really can't because, honestly, Cursed just did not work for me. The first few pages were good, very interesting. I figured there'd be a little mystery concerning Werewolves/shifters and Warlocks, that the two men would be fighting for a love that could not be denied, there'd be some really angsty drama and fantastic action. I was a bit disappointed.

First, like I said, there's a ton of potential here. Maybe due to the length it wasn't practical to drag out Terry and Clyde's identities. Personally, I just thought it would've been a little more intriguing for Terry to be in the dark about Clyde and his curse. The way it all happens practically floored me because it went from Terry seemingly being your average human being to all of the sudden staring at Clyde suffering through a shift and doesn't bat an eye because he's a warlock.

Next, I found myself completely irritated at the 180 Clyde pulls when he goes from raging against Terry for being a Warlock (Warlocks and Shifters are mortal enemies) to offering him a beer. It was ridiculous. I actually thought I'd missed something.

Overall, I can't say I'd recommend Cursed.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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