Monday, September 25, 2017

Release Day Review: Creative Process by Jodi Payne (Giveaway)

Title: Creative Process
Author: Jodi Payne
Release Date: September 25, 2017
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 206

Best-selling thriller author Reese Kelsey knows his career isn’t conducive to romance. He doesn’t work the normal nine-to-five, and sometimes his characters take hold and demand all his attention, causing him to neglect important appointments… and lovers. Rather than go through another heartbreak, Reese contents himself with his small circle of friends—fellow gay New York City artists—and his dedicated publicist, Chad.

Until he sees Owen Mercado lugging his cello toward the subway and impulsively offers him a ride.

Owen has worked long and hard for a career in the symphony, and success comes with a demanding schedule—something Reese understands. Their desires and lifestyles are surprisingly compatible, and Reese and Owen certainly set the bedroom on fire. They’re both carrying baggage, but they fit, and it’s hard not to hope for a future that once seemed impossible.

But when Reese’s work inevitably pulls him into its dark world and refuses to let go, Owen draws a hard line, and Reese discovers he can't rely on good intentions alone. He will have to control the obsession that drove his other lovers away or risk losing Owen as well.

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

Reese is a successful writer whose head is filled with the life of a serial killer. He only manages to leave his computer because of his publicist who pushes, pulls and forces him to attend events. Chad is his living alarm clock that has to manage all aspects of Reese’s life outside of the office. Reese has accompanied Chad to the symphony and as they’re leaving, Reese notices a man carrying his cello unable to find a cab. Reese offers to give Chad a lift in his hired car to prevent him from having to take the cello on the subway.

But Reese has finally met a man who understands his drive and focus. Owen works hard for his place in the symphony plus he spends time practicing and playing with the group he and his friends started in college. He doesn’t need someone’s life to revolve around him, he has a life of his own. Their lives merge together well. But it’s never that easy!

I really liked Owen. Even though he was younger than Reese, he was the more mature of the two men. Owen was easy going and just wanted someone to share his life with. He was a professional and worked hard but wanted love in his life too. I struggled with Reese. I liked him and I really enjoyed the story he was writing. But he had anger issues. It didn’t matter that he was caught up in the story he was writing and had a killer living in his head. He just struggled to compromise or think of anyone but his characters. After Reese’s tantrum that seemed to be a wake-up call to himself, he finally seemed to get his head out of his backside and grow up some.

I really enjoyed this story and even if I struggled with Reese, he eventually won me over! I loved Reese and Owen together. And I especially loved the many friends in both men’s lives. They really brought another dimension to the story and allowed you to see another side of the characters. I’d definitely recommend this story!

Rating: 4.5 stars!!


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