Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Release Review: Loving Noah by Kenna Knight

Loving Noah

Release date: Tuesday September 26, 2017
M/M Romance
Second Chance Romance


Noah and I became best friends in kindergarten, and I’ve loved him ever since. When his parents sent him away in our junior year of high school, they didn’t even let us say goodbye. It tore my heart to shreds. Years later, I still drink myself to sleep on the anniversary of his departure. 

Until now. 

I met someone online, and although he is guarded and mysterious, he makes me feel again. He is the first person since Noah that I can imagine a future with.

But will he be able to fill the hole Noah left in my heart? 

Growing up, Liam was the only bright spot in my life. If it weren’t for his friendship and protection, I wouldn’t be here today. He couldn’t be with me all the time, though, and one afternoon during our junior year of high school, a group of bullies decided I needed to be taught a lesson in the form of fists to my face, and hurtful words spray painted on my car. 

My dad refused to accept that I was gay. Without a goodbye to my friends, he sent me to live with an aunt I never knew. I never contacted Liam after that. It was too humiliating. 

Now, after all these years, I may have found him, and we are meeting in person. But he doesn’t know me anymore, and I’m a different man now.

Will he love me when he sees what I have become? 

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4 Stars

Liam and Noah have been friends since they met in kindergarten, but nine years ago they were torn apart when Noah’s parents sent him away because he’s gay. Liam hasn’t seen or heard from Noah since he disappeared, but finally after all these years he’s met someone online that makes him feel something he hasn’t felt since Noah left in high school.

I really liked the story and I adored both Noah and Liam. They were both likable and they had great chemistry.  Although the subject matter is deep and there is some angst here, the majority of the story was sweet and funny. I loved Liam’s besties, they were an awesome support system for Liam and later Noah, but they were also entertaining and funny as all get out. Their antics when the four, and later five, of them were together had me chuckling more than once throughout the story.

Noah had an amazing support system himself. I absolutely adored his Aunt Kitty, she was sweet, nurturing and she too was funny!

While I didn’t particularly care for the author’s writing style, something about it was just off for me and it felt almost too telly at times instead of showy, this was still a really enjoyable story and a great start to the author’s endeavors into the gay romance genre. Recommendable!

*copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Kenna Knight was born and raised in the Midwest and now lives in sunny California with her children and her fur babies. Kenna is a laugh out loud extroverted introvert who has a voracious appetite for reading all types of romance stories.
A former health care professional turned romance author Kenna thrives on working full time from home where she can keep an eye on her kids. Kenna has been writing contemporary romance for five years under other pen names but only recently read her first m/m romance novel. She liked it so much she decided to try writing the genre herself and found that she loved it.
Kenna enjoys writing emotional stories with a touch of heartache; a pinch of disappointment, a smidgen of healing and a king sized helping of happily ever after.

Kenna Knight is represented by Prism Heart Press

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