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Review Tour: Flare (North Star Trilogy #4) by Posy Roberts (Excerpt+Giveaway)

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North Star Trilogy

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After tremendous loss, Hugo and Kevin seek stability for themselves and the kids. They never expected family and friends to toss obstacles in the way of their happily ever after.

Love and family to fight for.

Hugo and Kevin strive to put their lives back together after tragedy, doing everything in their power to create a stable life. Hugo’s acting career is back on track, and Kevin hires a nanny to help with the kids as they discover their new normal. But when Erin’s parents seek full custody of Brooke and Finn, that stability is shattered.

With Hugo working in LA or New York, the distance from his new family gets to him. At home, the nanny’s hands-on approach leaves Hugo feeling pushed out, so he leaves his beloved apartment and eclectic neighborhood behind to move in with Kevin.

Hugo has a hard time fitting in with the suburbanites with Kevin’s passive-aggressive “friends” making Hugo feel anything but welcome. As the custody case heads to mediation, Brooke is bullied about having two dads, and Hugo realizes his mere presence might be doing more harm than good.

Hugo must decide to stay and fight for his family or leave and let them live in peace.


Rude Awakening

A sharp knock followed by the doorbell clanging woke Kevin and Hugo. They yanked on last night’s discarded clothes and headed downstairs, Lulu trailing behind, her tail wagging a mile a minute.

When Kevin opened the door, a man he didn’t recognize gave him a nod. “Are you Kevin Magnus?”


Hugo struggled to scoop Lulu into his arms; she was desperate to meet this stranger.

The man handed Kevin a manila envelope. “You’ve been served.”

“What the hell?” Hugo asked as he shut the door.

“I don’t know. Let’s see.” Kevin opened the envelope and pulled out papers. “Notice of Motion and Motion for Change of Custody,” he read, not believing his eyes. He flipped through the pages, scanning to see what this was really about.

“Erin’s parents are trying to get custody of my kids. No way in hell is that happening. No way in hell.”

4 Stars!

I both loved and hated reading the conclusion to Posy Roberts’ North Star Trilogy. It seems as if we have already lived through so much with these characters that we couldn’t possibly take any more drama. But it turns out that there is still quite a bit Hugo and Kevin will be forced to deal with before they can get their HEA.

We’ve seen how the men met and how they fell in love. We’ve felt the emotional rollercoaster they were on as they were reunited and fell in love once again. They struggled with where they stood and what it meant to take on becoming a family. They lived through Erin’s tough battle with cancer and now they will have to traverse the struggles with the aftermath. Hugo, Kevin, Brooke and Finn are trying to cope with Erin’s death, the changes it brings and the family that they now are. Unfortunately, Erin’s parents aren’t going to make it easy for them and so the drama begins.

There are many issues for the men to face in this story, some I found easily relatable, some not so much and others I felt like we could’ve done without. Kevin and Hugo navigating their new roles as partners and parents while also balancing their careers was understandable. Their having to face how people and society viewed them and the children all made sense.

Some of the things going on angered and frustrated me to no end, though. Kevin’s obliviousness when it came to how things were going for Hugo. And then, Hugo’s incapability to talk to Kevin about it. Communication problems can be pet peeves of mine in stories and that was really prevalent here. I also thought some of the issues cleaned up too easy but I guess we couldn’t stretch it out too much since this was the last book.

There’s a very sweet and happy ending and we get a good look at how they’ve grown and evolved. Brooke becoming a young woman that would make her mother proud, Finn’s effervescent personality that you can’t help but love, Russell and Summer and of course, Hugo and Kevin. It was all a great ending to their story.

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Author Bio

Posy Roberts started reading romance when she was young, sneaking peeks at adult books long before she should’ve. Textbooks eventually replaced the novels, and for years she existed without reading for fun. When she finally picked up a romance two decades later, it was like slipping on a soft hoodie . . . that didn’t quite fit like it used to. She wanted something more.

She wanted to read about men falling in love with each other. She wanted to explore beyond the happily ever after and see characters navigate the unpredictability of life. So Posy sat down at her keyboard to write the books she wanted to read.

Her stories have been USA Today’s Happily Ever After Must-Reads and Rainbow Award finalists. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family and friends and doing anything possible to get out of grocery shopping and cooking.

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