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Release Day Review ~ Rainbow Sprinkles by Anna Martin (Giveaway)

Release Day Review ~ Rainbow Sprinkles by Anna Martin (Giveaway)

Title: Rainbow Sprinkles
Author: Anna Martin
Release Date: March 29, 2017
Category: Contemporary, States of Love
Pages: 77

Cooper Reed has a fairly relaxed life for someone who lives in LA. He’s no celebrity—just the guy who makes sundaes at the Dreamy Creamery, and that’s the way he likes it. The highlight of every week is the beautiful guy who turns up and orders a sundae with rainbow sprinkles. Cooper still isn’t sure if that’s a code, because he has a huge crush and the hot guy is terrible at flirting.

Drew Tanner, it turns out, is an original California dreamer. He’s as wholesome as apple pie and twice as sweet, a real-life Disney Prince at Disneyland. But while Drew’s head is in the clouds, Cooper’s feet are firmly on the ground, and their different outlooks might be more than their new relationship can take.
States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

4 Stars

Cooper works at the local ice cream shop and also tends bar. He has a bit of a crush on the hottie with the peculiar taste in ice cream that regularly visits the Dreamy Creamery.

Drew is an aspiring actor that works at Disneyland. He makes an effort to stop by the Dreamy Creamery to see the cute server, Cooper as often as he can. These two men dance around their attraction until Drew finally gets up the nerve to ask Cooper out.

This book is very well-written, but it started off a bit boring. It was sweet and the characters were likable. They had good chemistry, and the sex was spicy hot, but it was missing something in the beginning.

While both characters are likable, I found Drew came off as condescending at times, like he felt he was better than Cooper. Eventually, a fight happens and someone walks away. I didn't agree with the outcome of this fight. I thought the author had the wrong person make the effort to repair the relationship. The person that made the effort, I felt their reaction was valid and they had a right to feel the way they did. So while I'm happy things work out, I'm not satisfied with the path that lead them to their happy ending.

All in all, this was a pretty low angst, sweet, sexy and quick read. Recommendable!!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.  ***

4 Stars! 

Sweet tale with enough depth to make it believable, despite its short length.

Anna Martin couldn't write a bad tale, but in her longer ones, such as Summer Son and The Impossible Boy, that's where she excels. This one is good, but it's short and without much angst, though it's with hope, realism and a future in the making.

The leads are young - one's an ice-cream alchemist (yes, not maker, as he comes up with some weird and wacky stuff) and the other's an actor who also works at a theme park, playing live action characters. Their romance is...romantic - actor guy visits ice-cream guy several times a week and eventually gathers up the courage to ask him out.

This seemed a tale of real young people trying to make a life, trying to find their way. They are young, and they make some mistakes, but they get there in the end and I hoped that they'd have a long and happy future together.

ARC courtesy of Dreamspinner Press and Bayou Book Junkie, for my reading pleasure. 

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