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Release Blitz: Gray's Shadow by KA Merikan (Review+Giveaway)

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Length: 150,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Nastasha Snow

Kings Of Hell MC Series

Book #1 - Laurent & The Beast - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 - My Dark Knight - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #3 - On Your Knees Prospect - Amazon US | Amazon UK


--- There can be no shadow without the man to cast it. ---

Gray. Lost his twin. Will never be complete. Works alone.
Shadow. Monster? Human? Exists to be Gray’s one true companion.

After losing his twin brother, Gray has devoted his life to the Kings of Hell MC. He will do anything to protect his family and that means anything.

Even sell his own shadow to the devil.

Following a fire that left him without one arm, Gray feels pushed to the sidelines. In order to prove to his club that he is still capable of completing dangerous tasks, he will have to team up with the strange creature from the Other Side. Tall, inhumanly strong, and menacing despite the handsome exterior, Shadow is just the tool Gray needs.

The moment Shadow lays his eyes on Gray, he wants to crawl under Gray’s skin and make the human his.

Gray on the other hand isn’t willing to get attached to a monster destined to do the devil’s bidding and disappear once his time is up. Rejected, Shadow has to do everything in his power to convince his human that they belong together.

But as the clock ticks away precious minutes of Shadow’s existence, Gray will have to choose between his loyalty to the Kings of Hell MC and responsibility for the creature he brought into this world.


“Do you feel me running through your veins?”
Gray nodded.


Themes: motorcycle club, alternative lifestyles, demons, monster, tattoos, secrets, crime, gothic, grief, mourning, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, fish out of water, opposites attract, demisexuality, gentle giant
Genre: Dark, paranormal M/M romance
Erotic content: Scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes
Length: ~150,000 words (Book 4 in the series)

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, offensive language, and morally ambiguous characters.

4.5 Stars!

What I Loved: So, obviously, I loved Shadow. Yes, he was in serious need of lessons on how to be human but he was very endearing in his attempt to learn. I loved that he really was a gentle giant with the capacity to destroy a small nation if anyone messed with his human. I wasn’t fond of his diet or his obsession with the filling of holes *cough cough* but he was by far my favorite character of the series outside of Beast. He made me laugh out loud more than once and my heart broke for him too but I just couldn’t stop hoping he’d get his HEA eventually.

What I Liked: This story is long, very long and there were points where I just wanted to get to the end already (because Gray made me angry) but nonetheless I really enjoyed it. A lot of the story focused on the dynamics of their relationship rather than the progression of the story arc but it definitely moves along and gets us closer to the final showdown I guess you could call it. It certainly makes me anxious to see how it will all play out in the end between Baal, Magpie and the MC.

I really enjoyed the ending of this one. I needed that after everything was said and done. Plus the bonus scene at the end was fun and intriguing (and a tad bit creepy lol).

What I Didn’t Like: So here’s the thing, Gray sucks! Yes, I know that isn’t a good thing to say and yes, he changes his tune after what felt like forever *rolls eyes* but when it all comes down to it, I just don’t care for him. Here’s my issue with this character and while I’ll try to do my best not to give spoilers, I am sorry if I ruin it.

  1. He’s too broody. I can’t believe I’m saying that because generally, I like broody, emotionally damaged, grumpy, curmudgeonly characters but he is so freaking irritating to me. I understand he lost an arm and is having trouble accepting the fact that things for him have changed. I understand his fear that the rest of the club will see him as useless or expendable. However, his behavior and attitude just seemed so immature to me.
  2. He was not just mean but cruel to Shadow. I understand Shadow was basically a demonlike creature created by evil Baal but the way Gray treated him was basically disgusting to me. Even when things got a bit better, he still was abusive (I know I’m talking about a Demon but just wait, Shadow will burrow into your heart, too). I actually cried for Shadow at one point (maybe more than once but that’s immaterial) because of the way Gray made him feel. I understood the rest of the men treating him horribly but Gray, not so much.
  3. When he does finally realize how important Shadow is, it’s like he does a 180 in 2.6 seconds. I wanted to strangle him. I’m sorry but too little too late buddy, Shadow deserved better.
(Rant over)

Overall, I’d put this one in the win column. I love K.A. Merikan stories. The grittiness and the darkness. The way the humor feels so natural and balances so well with the sexy, steamy and passionate moments. I’m always in awe in the imagination and talent that are put into creating these books. They are definitely not your cookie cutter horror stories or paranormal romances. I definitely recommend this series.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

5+++++++ Stars 

I do love KA Merikan’s books, usually for the action (both in bed and out) and the taboo, but this one is just so emotional, it gave me all the feels! I found this to be totally unexpected.

This book picks up where the Kings of Hell MC series last left off with Jake and Vars, this time focusing on Gray and a new character, Shadow, who is literally Gray’s shadow personified. Shadow is just so lovable. I’m hard-pressed to think of any other character as charming as Shadow (despite his fondness for eating cockroaches and mold).

Gray and Shadow’s interactions from beginning to end were so intense and captivating, I found myself often crying or laughing out loud. Some scenes were just so emotionally evocative and potent (bathtub, picnic), they will stay with me for a while. I became totally immersed in this action-packed yet sweet story and cannot recommend reading it enough. Sometimes, the emotional intensity got to me and I had to put the book down, but I always, always came back after a quick breather to find out more.

Gray and Shadow’s love story is EPIC and the dark yet unique and spectacular world the authors have built in this series is beyond fascinating. I don’t know how these authors were able to deliver such a sweet, endearing love story in such a dark and creepy setting.


*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement
. ***

K.A. Merikan are a team of writers who try not to suck at adulting, with some success. Always eager to explore the murky waters of the weird and wonderful, K.A. Merikan don’t follow fixed formulas and want each of their books to be a surprise for those who choose to hop on for the ride.

K.A. Merikan have a few sweeter M/M romances as well, but they specialize in the dark, dirty, and dangerous side of M/M, full of bikers, bad boys, mafiosi, and scorching hot romance.


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