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Book Review ~ The Pick Up by Allison Temple

Book Review ~ The Pick Up (An Up Red Creek Novel) by Allison Temple

Title: The Pick Up (An Up Red Creek Novel)

Author: Allison Temple

Release Date: Mar 5, 2018

Page Count: ~334
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover By: Natasha Snow


Kyle’s life is going backwards. He wanted to build a bigger life for himself than Red Creek could give him, but a family crisis has forced him to return to his hometown with his six-year-old daughter. Now he’s standing in the rain at his old elementary school, and his daughter’s teacher, Mr. Hathaway, is lecturing him about punctuality.
Adam Hathaway is not looking for love. He’s learned the hard way to keep his personal and professional life separate. But Kyle is struggling and needs a friend, and Adam wants to be that friend. He just needs to ignore his growing attraction to Kyle’s goofy charm, because acting on it would mean breaking all the rules that protect his heart.
Putting down roots in this town again is not Kyle’s plan. As soon as he can, he’s taking his daughter and her princess costumes and moving on. The more time he spends with Adam, though, the more he thinks the quiet teacher might give him a reason to stay. Now he just has to convince Adam to take a chance on a bigger future than either of them could have planned.

4 Stars 

After the death of his partner, Olivia, Kyle, along with his 6-year-old daughter Caroline, move back in with his father in his small home-town of Red Creek. There he meets his daughter’s teacher, Adam, who after a bad breakup also moved to Red Creek a couple of years prior. It’s attraction at first sight, but as Caroline’s teacher, Adam knows he can’t get involved with Kyle. Can these two men keep their relationship strictly professional?

I’ve had this book on my TBR list for a while now and I finally got some free time to fit it in and I really enjoyed it, it was a great read and I loved both Kyle and Adam, well, eventually I loved them both. There were definitely times where I didn’t care for one or both of them and maybe wanted to knock their heads together.

The story is well-written and it flowed pretty well. Kyle and Adam had amazing chemistry and once they give into their attraction they were hot hot hot together.

I loved Kyle’s relationship with his daughter Caroline, who was just absolutely adorable. My only real problems with the story were related to Caroline's mother, Olivia. I was confused about Kyle’s relationship with Olivia, at first. I wasn’t sure if she was just a friend or someone that he had a child with or if they were actually a couple. It wasn’t made clear at first. I also felt Olivia was too big a part of the story. Not so much for Adam, but concerning Kyle, it’s only been 7 months since she passed away and it felt too soon in my opinion. I felt like because it was so recent she was a huge part of Kyle and Adam’s relationship and Kyle tended to think about her or bring her up quite often, and at times even compared Adam to her and for me, it felt a little unfair to Adam. I would also have thought that Caroline would have been much more affected by her mother’s passing. She seemed to take it a little too well, in my opinion.

Besides those things, this was a really enjoyable story and I’m looking forward to more from this author in the future. A really enjoyable read that’s definitely recommendable!

*copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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