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Book Review: Mad & Marvelous (Sassy Boyz #4) by Elizabeth Varlet

Book Review: Mad & Marvelous (Sassy Boyz #4) by Elizabeth Varlet 

Hop Lovette isn’t afraid to take risks. Being the bastard son of New York royalty has never given him anything but heartache. So when the Sassy Boyz land a contract at club Switch, he knows it’s only a matter of time before his marvelous world is turned on its head: the owner is his childhood rival.

Rafe Marson owes Hop’s father everything, and he’s on a mission to repay his debts. Nothing will stand in his way—not even a wild, beautiful, maddening blast from his past. Not even when Hop stirs up feelings better left dormant. Not even when Hop begs to be taken.

When opportunity knocks, Hop is the one who needs to step up and help Rafe. But working together without being together is harder than they thought—and when everything they’ve been working toward is threatened, Rafe will need to prove that true love is one in a million.

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4 Stars!

Mad & Marvelous is book 4 in the Sassy Boyz series and while each book features a different couple, I think you'll get more enjoyment out of reading it all. This particular installment has some light D/s themes, so if that isn't your thing, you're warned, but I didn't think it was that bad.

Hop is one of the Sassy Boyz newest members. He was a wild teenager, but has settled down and is concentrating on dancing and working. He's aware that the new club the Sassy Boyz are dancing in is owned by Rafe Marson, Hop's billionaire father protégé, but he never figured that Rafe would recognize him after 7 years and changing so much or so he thought.

The last thing Rafe imagined (or wanted) was to find Hop at his club, especially when he's so close to finally getting out of Hop's father's clutches, and he reacts badly to it, firing Hop on the spot, which means the Sassy Boyz quit as well, just when Rafe needs them the most. After apologizing to Hop and getting him to agree to intercede for the SB to come back, Rafe and Hop start getting closer and exploring the dynamics of a D/s relationship. But, what will happen when Hop's father finds out what's been happening between them?

Okay, so frankly, Rafe was a jerk and Hop was too good for him. I know he was dealing with a very stressful situation, but he behaved very badly with Hop, especially considering he was supposed to be the Dom. He was so out of control and I hated how he hurt Hop, and yet, Hop gave him chance after chance. Yes, he made the grand gesture in the end, but for me, it was too little, too late.

I adored Hop, though, and even if I wanted something more for him, I guess Rafe gave him what he wanted and craved in the end, so there's that. They had great chemistry and they were undeniably hot together, when Rafe wasn't being a twatwaffle, that is.

I loved catching up with the rest of the Sassy Boyz. It was delightful seeing them rally to help out their friend and see them doing so well. I can't wait to find out whose story we'll get next. I also liked Hop's mom, although maybe things might have worked differently for Hop had she been more sincere with him about his father when he was a teenager. And while Hop's father was an awful human being, at least he made up a bit for it in the end.

All in all, this was an enjoyable read, Rafe notwithstanding (eh, maybe he wasn't too bad, and some might like him, even love him, I'm just picky). I adore the SB world Elizabeth Varlet has given us, so even if this wasn't my favorite book in the series, it was still a very good addition to the series. Recommendable!

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