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AotM: Return To Me by Aimee Nicole Walker (Review + Giveaway)

Aimee Nicole Walker
Return to Me 
(Fated Hearts #5)
Release date: March 29, 2016

Page count: 242
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Does the heart have a memory?

Noah McKinney and Maverick Rodriguez met when they were seven years old. Maverick’s family moved into the house next to Noah’s aunt, where Noah spent every summer of his childhood. During those three months every year, the boys were inseparable as they swam in the waters of coastal North Carolina, rode bikes, told ghost stories, and dreamed of finding hidden pirate treasures. A sweet friendship developed into an even sweeter young love, but then Maverick disappeared out of Noah’s life as suddenly as he appeared. 

Twenty-two years later, Noah returns to Beaufort, North Carolina after he receives a call that his ancestral home has been vandalized. He is overwhelmed with a feeling that fate has something more up her sleeve than a simple home repair, but never in a million years would he have guessed what was waiting for him. 

Maverick has returned to Beaufort in an attempt to stop running from his past and what better place than the source of his happiest memories. He quickly earns a reputation as the best in the business at restoring old homes to their former glory. No matter how successful his business has grown, he still feels there is something missing in his life. Or is it someone?

Noah and Maverick’s reunion is nothing like either man has fantasized about for so many years, but beneath the strain is an undeniable attraction and a feeling of rightness that neither man can deny or resist. However, giving in to their desires doesn’t erase their doubts and fears. Maverick knows that nothing of the boy Noah loved remains inside of him. He thinks he’s better as a memory than the man he’s become. Noah fears that Maverick will disappear again and doubts he could survive the heartbreak a second time. 

The heart wants what the heart wants and it won’t be denied.

Can the two men overcome their fears and doubts to take a chance on a love that promises to burn brighter than the sun? Or will they use the obstacles they face as excuses to spare themselves from potential heartbreak?

Return to Me is the fifth book in the Fated Hearts series. It can be read as part of the series or as a standalone novel. 

*This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults only. 

**Book purchased by the reviewer**

Return To Me is Book 5 in Aimee Nicole Walker's Fated Hearts series. Of all the books in the series, I think this one can be read as a standalone. BUT honestly, I love these characters and don't think you should skip out on any of them!

Noah returns to his hometown in North Carolina when he receives a call that his family home has been vandalized. When trying to find someone skilled to make the necessary repairs to the home, Noah is shocked to find his childhood best friend and first love, Maverick is back in town and just the person he needs to do the repairs.

Maverick came back to his childhood hometown because of all his good memories and he needed to stop running from his past. Both men have dreamed about a reunion and even though it's not what they expected, they are still attracted to the other.

There is a little paranormal element that I overlooked because it's not my thing so, if it's yours, you'll enjoy that portion; but if you're like me, it's still something you'll like!

I absolutely adore this series! I was worried when this book first released that it couldn't t measure up to the previous book which was so highly anticipated and loved, but Maverick and Noah were strong characters that pulled me into their story.

I know everyone has different taste in reading material, and honestly, how boring would it be if we all wanted the same things! For me, I love the books that don't have angst just for angst sake. I don't need my characters to be miserable and the verge of crumbling before love pulls them up. I love the sweet romances of men fighting to become a beautiful, loving, sweet couple, and this is ALWAYS what Aimee delivers and it's exactly the reason I buy and read every book of hers on release day!

Rating: 5 stars!!

Rating: 5 Stars!

Return to Me is book 5 in the Fated Hearts series. It can be read as a standalone, even if Jack and Liam make an appearance in the story. Also, while this book is a contemporary romance, it has some paranormal tinges, which I adored.

Noah is a psychiatrist, specialized in dealing with PTSD on Veterans. While he lives and has his practice in Washington D.C., he owns his family's home in Beaufort, N.C. and shares his house with his great-great-uncle Elijah's ghost, who lost his great love, Octavius, more than a hundred years ago to the sea. When Noah finds out his house has been vandalized, he rushes to Beaufort only to find out that the renovation company in charge of fixing his house is owned by Maverick Rodriguez, who was his first love and who had disappeared one night when they were both still 16 years old. Finding him there was a shock, but even more shocking was to find that the feelings he thought buried, came back with a vengeance, even if the trust he'd once placed in Mav has all but disappeared. 

Maverick returned to Beaufort to start his business because it was the place where he'd been the happiest. He's spent over 20 years trying to find that missing piece that will complete him and it's only when he sees Noah again that he realizes what that piece is and that he needs to find a way to regain Noah's love and his trust. 

I loved Noah and Maverick! It was lovely to see them reconnect after so many years, even if it was a bumpy ride with plenty of obstacles. The love they felt for each other was palpable and they were just perfect for each other in every sense of the word. 

I really enjoyed the paranormal bits included in the story and the fact that Aimee Nicole Walker didn't go overboard with it, keeping the main focus on Noah and Mav.

Overall, this novel was different in the sense that it wasn't as connected as the previous four books were, but it still followed the same theme and felt cohesive with the rest of the series. Plus, Noah and Mav were amazing and I just loved their story! Highly recommendable!

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  1. i truly love every book aimee writes....cant wait to see whats next from her

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  3. A great book cover and a wonderful book. I love books with Paranormal elements be it creatures like werewolves, shifters and vampires or ghosts and magic I'll read it.

  4. I love paranormal in general even without the romance. So yeah, paranormal romance is LOVE!

  5. I love paranormal romances. Werewolves and shifters are my favorites.

  6. Yes, I love paranormal elements in my books, whether they are contemporary, historical, fantasy etc.

    Thanks for the post!

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  8. I love the cover for this book! The story itself sounds great.

  9. I love paranormal elements and what is better than a mix of romance along with the paranormal.

  10. I'm an equal opportunity reader. If the book is well written, I generally will enjoy it.

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