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AotM ~ Logan's Need by Sloane Kennedy (Reviews+Giveaway)

AotM ~ Logan's Need (Escort Series #3) by Sloane Kennedy (Reviews)

Title: Logan’s Need (Book 3, The Escort Series)
Author: Sloane Kennedy
Published: May 17, 2015
Pages: 320

After Logan Bradshaw’s dreams go up in smoke, he’s left broken and haunted by a cruel betrayal from his former business partner, a man he once thought of as a friend. His life as a professional escort helped pay for his future once, so maybe a few more jobs can give him back what he’s lost. And if that means being a third for one night for a wealthy couple living out a ménage fantasy, then so be it. It might just be the final payout he needs to get his life back on track.

Dominic Barretti has everything money can buy, but it can’t save his beautiful young wife as cancer steals her away from him. He also can’t deny her one last request – a ménage encounter with another man. It’s the perfect excuse to meet the man who’s been haunting his dreams. On paper, Logan is the perfect choice to give his wife what she needs, but he doesn’t expect his own fierce desires to flare up when the young man enters their lives.

Dom and Logan don’t know it, but Sylvie Barretti has decided to play matchmaker from beyond the grave. Unfortunately, getting two broken men to find each other makes dying seem like the easy part.

Logan can’t deny his attraction to Dom, but the surprise desire for another man has left him reeling and questioning everything he’s ever known about himself. But when a threat from the past surfaces, will Logan be able to let go of the life he knew and embrace the one he needs?

Note: This book contains M/M sexual content and intended for mature audiences

***This is Book 3 in the series but can be read as a stand-alone story - no cliffhangers. However, more enjoyment can be gained by reading the series in order:

Book 1 - Gabriel's Rule
Book 2 - Shane’s Fall
(Note: Logan’s Need DOES contain spoilers for events first presented in Books 1 & 2)***

I'm sitting here trying to write a review for Logan's Need and I'm struggling. It seems that the books I love are always the hardest reviews to write because I never quite feel like my words will do them justice. It's too hard sometimes to put into words how much I love a story but I'll try to do my best this time.

Last fall I was in a bit of a book funk, I'm not quite sure what was going on but I was just not having any luck with the books I was buying. Nothing seemed to really engage me. I had seen a few books by Sloane Kennedy but I just wasn't excited about reading them for one reason or another. Then I saw a review of Logan's Need from a friend on Goodreads. It sounded pretty good and I thought why not?

If only I had known how much this book would come to mean to me. Logan's Need turned out to be just what I needed. I was once again excited about the MM genre and I immediately ordered two more books by Sloane Kennedy before I'd even reached the end of Logan and Dom's story. From there I devoured the Finding and Barretti Series. Once Absolution came out, though, I knew Sloane Kennedy would and has become one of my absolute favorite authors.

Since then I have come back to Logan's Need multiple times and it never gets old. I still love it just as much if not more than the first time I read it. This book means a lot to me and even if it sounds cheesy to say it, Dom and Logan hold a very special place in my heart. I love these men and I love their story and I love that Sloane Kennedy made me fall in love with this genre all over again.

5+ Stars! 

28-year-old Logan Bradshaw is trying to figure out how to go about his life now that his eyes were forced open to everything that has been going on without his knowledge. Sam, his boss and business partner, almost succeeded in destroying the life he built for himself and his younger sister Savannah. Savannah had hidden the fact that Sam had raped and tormented her from Logan and now Logan feels as if it's his fault for not knowing. As much as he wants to move on and try to heal he can't seem to overcome his guilt.

When a wealthy married couple hires Logan to engage in a ménage with them, Logan is relieved that they don't want to go all the way. But when he meets the alluring Mr. And Mrs. Dominic Barretti, he is completely surprised by how captivated he is by them. Something extraordinary happens between the three of them that night and Logan is unable to stop thinking about it long after he's walked away.

When Dom's dying wife, Sylvie, asks for them to try a ménage, Dom is unable to say no. While he hates the idea of sharing the woman he loves even for one night, how can he say no to her? He has no idea how much the experience will affect him. Logan is extraordinary and makes him feel things he doesn't want to at that moment. If only Dom knew what Sylvie had put in motion.

Neither Logan and Dom have an easy time following that night. Sylvie passes away leaving Dom shattered. Loving him as she did and wanting him to be able to live and be happy she reaches out to Logan through a series of letters. Her plan is not easy for either man and they are forced to face things neither are capable of at first. When a threat to Logan becomes known, Dom is determined to make sure he's safe and the men will have to come to terms with what they are and what they could be.

Logan and Dom are incredible together, their chemistry is combustible. These two men really go through a gamut of trials and tribulations trying to find their way. There are a lot of emotions that both men have to deal with when it comes to the fact that Dom has just lost his wife and it's very realistic. They don't just push her memory to the back and I liked that because she's the catalyst to them getting together.

There is also a lot that goes into Logan coming to terms with his sexuality and as a fan of GFY/OFY, I really appreciated how it was handled. Logan has to get used to the fact that he has never thought of another man in a sexual way before and what does it all mean for him? It's not an easy thing for him but Sloane Kennedy handles it very realistically.

I'm going to be honest, you can tell this is one of her earlier books. As well done and enjoyable as it is, she's grown so much as an author since the release of Logan's Need. It's evident in her Protection series. But here's the thing about Logan's Need, it's the beginning of it all. This story is a foundation for all the other stories that followed and now going back to this one after reading all the others I believe even more in Logan and Dom. In my opinion, they're like the Patriarchs of this great big wonderful family and you have to smile whenever they are in the room. I love them and they, no matter who follows, will always be that special couple I think about when asked who's my favorite.

I highly recommend Logan's Need and believe me you can not go wrong with this a

5 Stars 

I read this before I became a beta-reader for this author, and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

At first, I wasn't sure I'd like this tale, as it starts with a MFM/MMF scene with a fair bit of hands-on stuff (I'm not a fan of females in MM novels) but the more I read, the more I realised how right the beginning was for these leads, and how emotional. This tale is HUGE on emotions, via the well-intentioned machinations of the late Sylvie, and with the realisations that both Logan and Dom go through.

There's an actual tale to this (that leads to the spin-off series, Barretti Security), lots of turmoil and angst, some hot and sexy and sex scenes, emotions galore and there's the start of a HEA that we get to see being lived in books 1 and 2 of the spin-off series. There are some disturbing scenes to do with events in a previous tale in the Escort series, so perhaps a warning is needed for those who might be affected by the issue, and there is a brief bit of torture, but it's a great tale and a Keeper.

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  2. I can't name one favorite book by Sloane Kennedy. I read the Protectors series and they were all fabulous.
    Atonement is one of the best GFY books I have read. Magnus and Dante are absolute perfection.

  3. all of sloanes books are truly my favorite and I couldn't just pick one..her latest one revelation is my favorite for now until her next one comes out

  4. Wow, some great reviews, thanks. I'll have to look into this one. I'm not the biggest fan of GFY/OFY, but I have enjoyed it when it's written well, such as Calmes' Timing and Change of Heart, or Langley in Without Reservations. - Purple Reader,
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com

  5. I haven't read a book by Sloane yet so I do not have a favorite at the moment. For GFY/OFY: A Matter of Time and Change of Heart series by Mary Calmes, Better Than Good by Lane Hayes, Eyes Only for Me by Andrew Grey, Offside Chance by Mercy Celeste, and The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes.

  6. My favorite GFY/OFY reads so many have been mentioned but "Jumping The Fence" by Stephanie Vaughan and "Landing with Both Feet" by Julia Talbot.

  7. I don't have a favorite yet. So far the only one I've read was Redeeming Rafe. And I don't really have favorite GFY/OFY although I've enjoyed Mary Calmes' Matter of Time & Marshalls series.

  8. Hmmm... on top of my head "Liam Davis & The Raven" by Anyta Sunday

  9. I haven't had a chance to read hers yet but is on my tbr list.i look forward to reading her books.

  10. I love Sloane Kennedy's series'(Barretti, Finding, Escorts and Protectors) and how they intertwine.

  11. I haven't read anything by Sloane Kennedy yet but based on your great reviews, I should remedy that. One of my favorite OFY books is Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley. I wish she would write some more books...

  12. I love Sloane's Protectors series!

  13. I don't have a favorite. I love all of Sloane's books.