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DSP Advent Calendar Review: That Turtle Story by CS Poe

Title: That Turtle Story
Author: C.S. Poe
Category: Holiday, Advent
Pages: 41

Dreamspinner Press

Nor O’Brien spends his days in sunny Key West caring for and rehabilitating sea turtles. He doesn’t need anything else in life, expect maybe a significant other to cuddle with after a long day. But recent heartbreak has left Nor salty, and he’s not in the mood for anything, Christmas included.

Then Eugene Montgomery walks into Turtle R&R, claiming to have found a clutch of eggs in distress. Nor is smitten with the tourist at first sight, and at the suggestion of his screwball colleagues, indulges in some no-strings-attached fun. Nor and Eugene are quick to get along, happily enjoy each other’s company, and take in the island’s unique holiday pleasures together.

But Nor would never leave his turtles, not for any man. So when his rebound fling turns into strong romantic feelings for Eugene, it’ll take a Christmas miracle to keep the two together forever in Key West.

**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by DreamSpinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.**

There are two things I’m not typically a fan of when it comes to my reading material (well, there’s more than that, but for this purpose) and that’s short stories and Christmas stories. But, no one can do a short story like CS Poe which is why I was eager to read That Turtle Story. It is short, but no one packs a story like she does!

We get the awkward Nor who prefers to spend his time caring for sea turtles and is avoiding men and relationships. Well, that is until someone like Eugene who is just as beautiful internally as he is externally. Both men feel the attraction for each other and though there’s some miscommunication, they adult it up and work it out. In this story you don’t just get two men finding each other, you get information on sea turtles, which I absolutely loved!

I didn’t find this book overly Christmassy, and I didn’t feel the story was too rushed. Would I read more about Nor and Eugene, absolutely! But, I was also happy with this quick story I did get in a week of their lives! This was a truly enjoyable quick read that lets you feel all the happy, squishy feelings that a good romance should do. Make sure you grab this author’s book in the Dreamspinner Press 2018 Advent Calendar “Warmest Wishes”!

Rating: 5 stars

4.25 Stars!

Nor spends his days rescuing and caring for sea turtles. His recent breakup has soured his mood about almost everything including Christmas. His coworker suggests that he get laid to get over his ex, but Nor isn't interested. Then Eugene walks into the clinic. Eugene helps Nor rescue some turtle eggs from the beach and flusters Nor at the same time.

I liked Nor, even at his grumpiest. He loves his work and wants the best for all the turtle they rescue. When he's flustered, he's absolutely adorable. Eugene was wonderful, too. He finds Nor adorable and sexy. He pursues him and makes sure that Nor knows that he's interested.

This story is super cute. The banter that Nor and his coworkers get into are funny and made me smile; they clearly care about Nor. The cast of characters was unique and fun. I think most would like this novella.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

3.5 Stars! 

I wanted more turtles! And yay for the ending!

This is a funny tale from the very opening, with Nor's wisecracks in bah humbug mode, and the way in which his brain-to-mouth filter works, or maybe doesn't quite work, and Gus. Gus who's like no other woman her age that I've come across.

There's not a lot more to it other than what the blurb tells us, and perhaps a small case of failing to communicate, but no drama. It ends at the start of the leads embarking on their lives together, and with the turtles in question embarking on theirs.

ARC courtesy of Dreamspinner Press and Bayou Book Junkie, for my reading pleasure.

5 stars

This was SO cute! This was a sweet short story that was easy to connect to and just love. We have a grumpy MC Nor, who after meeting Eugene ends up being a lot less grumpy. He is a bit nerdy but in a cute way and his reactions to Eugene are a bit hilarious. Eugene is charming and I like how he treated Nor and understood him. I loved the turtles and how much Nor loved them. I enjoy opposites attract stories and Nor and Eugene were very different but seemed to fit together perfectly. I will be coming back to this story for a reread!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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