Saturday, December 8, 2018

DSP Advent Calendar Review: The Faller by Daniel de Lorne

Title: The Faller
Author: Daniel de Lorne
Category: Holiday, Advent, Historical
Pages: 46

Dreamspinner Press

Being caught with another man sends Charlie Young fleeing his family to the forests of southwestern Australia to scrape together steamer-passage to the big smoke of London. But life as a timber faller isn't easy and it’s made worse when the men he works with are brash, bigoted, and often brutal. All except Jack Tapper, who’s the kind of gentle giant that sets Charlie’s heart racing.

While the other men head into town for Christmas, it’s just Charlie and Jack and acres of forest. But trees tell no tales and a few days alone is the perfect opportunity to indulge a burgeoning passion. When the men return and find things not as they once were, Charlie and Jack have to make the hard decisions about whether to stay where they are or run for their lives.

3.5 Stars!

Refreshingly, this is not a Xmas tale in the traditional sense, but it's a good read.

This tale is short and not that sweet, as there's the expected prejudices and brutality of the era, as I had anticipated, tbh. But, it's a decent read to while away a few minutes, and it ends with hope for the leads.

I liked that it's not a contemp tale, but one that showcased how hard it was 1912 rural Western Australia, where 'men were real men' and anyone different was a target. It was heartwarming that in the end, two guys had the courage to stand up for themselves and seek a new, honest life together, despite the dangers and what might happen to them, and what life together might mean.

ARC courtesy of Dreamspinner Press and Bayou Book Junkie, for my reading pleasure.

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