Friday, April 20, 2018

Release Day Review: Life's A Beach by Poppy Dennison

Title: Life's a Beach
Series: Coconut Cove: Book One
Author: Poppy Dennison

Release Date: April 20, 2018
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 83

Dreamspinner Press

Life’s a beach… and then you meet the guy of your dreams.

Flynn Wright’s role on the upcoming teen drama Coconut Cove means a fresh start in the land of crystal water, palm trees, and gorgeous people. The move to the beautiful beaches of Key West, Florida—and away from LA and his conniving ex—is just what Flynn needs.

Meeting sexy bartender Seth is the cherry on top of Flynn’s colorful frozen drink, and he can’t wait to take a taste. But Seth isn’t impressed by Flynn’s Hollywood good looks, nor is he interested in the complications of dating an actor, no matter how hot.

Can Flynn dodge his scheming ex and the eager paparazzi while showing Seth that he is more than a pretty package?

First Edition published by Wilde City Press, August 2014.

3.5 Stars

After breaking up with his boyfriend and co-star, Bennett, Flynn takes a part in the new series, Coconut Cove, filming on location in Key West, Florida. There he meets bartender Seth. The two hit it off, but Seth isn’t sure he wants to live his life in the spotlight, no matter how much he likes Flynn.

This was a cute story and I absolutely loved Flynn. He was sweet, funny and down to earth. I liked Seth, well, what I got to know of him. I really wish the author had developed Seth better. I wanted more interaction between Flynn and Seth, so I could get to know Seth better. I also wish the romance portion of the story had gotten more focus. While Seth and Flynn were hot together, their relationship needed to be explored more. I found Flynn had more scenes with some of the other guys and gals on set, and while entertaining, maybe a few of those could have included Seth as well, to make the progression of their relationship more natural.

The fact that the story focused not only on Flynn and Seth’s story, but that we also got to see the plot of the tv series unfold as well, was unique and interesting. I just have one question, what channel is Coconut Cove on? I’ve looked at my local tv listings, and I can’t find it. This makes me really sad. 😞

Overall, this was an enjoyable start to the series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what book two has in store. Recommendable!

*copy provided for my reading pleasure by Dreamspinner Press, a review was not a requirement*

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