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Release Day Review ~ Alaska (A Sawyer's Ferry Novel) by Cate Ashwood

Release Day Review ~ Alaska (A Sawyer's Ferry Novel) by Cate Ashwood

AUTHOR: Cate Ashwood
TITLE: Alaska
SERIES: Sawyer's Ferry (Book 1)
GENRE: Contemporary m/m romance
LENGTH: Novel (53,000 words)
COVER DESIGN: Cate Ashwood


Nobody says no to a Prescott.
Not even one of their own.
Holden: Living up to expectations had never been easy, but when I went after something, I got it. Success. Money. Victory. I was standing on the doorstep to having it all. There was only one thing standing in my way.
Gage: Power and prosperity are overrated. Especially when they come at a price. When enough became enough, I walked away. Nothing had ever tempted me to look back, until one day the past showed up in my backyard.
I’m not so sure I can walk away a second time.

5 Stars! 

There are only a select few authors that you barely have to read the blurb for the book to know you’ll want to one-click it and more than likely, you won’t be disappointed: For me, one of those authors is definitely Cate Ashwood, and Alaska was definitely not a disappointment.

I usually don’t read the acknowledgment in books, unless it’s a book I’ve beta read, because who doesn’t get a natural high from reading their name in a published piece of work? I know I do, but for some reason, I skimmed the acknowledgments for this story and I laughed out loud, so in case you weren’t going to read them, I’ll share a snippet with you below:

♡⑅⃝◌꒰ ˘̤ з꒰ ˃̶̤⌄˂̶̤ ` ू꒱◌⑅⃝♡♡⑅⃝◌꒰ ˘̤ з꒰ ˃̶̤⌄˂̶̤ ` ू꒱◌⑅⃝♡

Also, I would like to thank the guy in the SUV who cut me off on King George Blvd. If it weren’t for your act of impoliteness, I never would have seen your bumper sticker which sparked the idea for this story. Thanks for being an asshole.

♡⑅⃝◌꒰ ˘̤ з꒰ ˃̶̤⌄˂̶̤ ` ू꒱◌⑅⃝♡♡⑅⃝◌꒰ ˘̤ з꒰ ˃̶̤⌄˂̶̤ ` ू꒱◌⑅⃝♡

Now, on to my actual review. I wasn’t so sure what to think of either Gage or Holden at first, but I quickly fell in love with them both. I loved their snarkiness and the back and forth banter between them. I loved watching these sort of enemies form a tentative bond, and watching them fall in love was fun, hot and beautiful to witness.

This story drew me in and it was a fast and easy read that I didn’t want to ever end, although the ending was absolutely swoon-worthy. I also fell in love with the small town of Sawyer’s Ferry and its residents. The story had some great secondary characters and I see a frozen tundra in Holden’s best friend, Frankie’s future, because even though he didn’t visit the island throughout this story, there is just no way Ms. Ashwood cannot let his voice be heard. He was an amazing, supportive and funny guy, as was Gage’s bestie, Logan.

This was a well-written, sweet and sexy story and I can’t wait to get back to Sawyer’s Ferry, hopefully very soon! Very enjoyable and highly recommended!

*copy provided by author for my reading pleasure, a review was not a requirement*


Cate discovered her love for books of all kinds early on, but romance is where her heart truly lies. She is addicted to the happily ever afters and the journey the characters take to get there. Currently residing in White Rock, B.C, Cate loves living just a stone's throw from the ocean. When she's not writing, she can be found consuming coffee at an alarming rate while wrangling her children, her husband, and their two cats.

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