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Release Day Blitz ~ GONE FOR YOU by Riley Hart ~ (Reviews + Giveaway)

GONE FOR YOU by Riley Hart
Wild Side Series: Book 1
M/M Contemporary Romance

About the Book: Oliver Hayes wears his heart on his sleeve, and his friends never let him forget it. Every Friday night spent at Wild Side, their favorite West Hollywood bar, Oliver’s lack of hookups becomes the hot topic. It’s not that he doesn’t want a good time. He just wants it to mean something, which is a lofty goal when he’s still pining after his childhood crush, Matt, who left ten years ago to start a new life in New York City.

Matt Daniels has always felt most at home seated at a piano. He might not have entirely fit in with his family and friends, but he was always able to find himself in music. Or at least he did before he gave up his dream a lifetime ago. Now, he has a successful modeling career and should be enjoying every second of it. Yet nothing feels right, and Matt fears he’s losing himself.

Just when Oliver decides to get over Matt for good, Matt waltzes back into LA. As Matt struggles to understand what he’s missing in his seemingly perfect life, he falls right back into leaning on Oliver for support. Things aren’t what they used to be between them, though. They tumble into bed together, and it’s hard not to continue ending up there. For the first time in years, Matt’s inspired to compose again, reigniting a spark he thought long extinguished.

But as always, Oliver can’t keep his heart in check, and soon Matt realizes he’s gone for Oliver too. The biggest question is, can he fully give himself to someone if he still hasn’t figured out how to love himself?

Preview of GONE FOR YOU

Oliver opened the door and took one step into the room before his eyes hit Matt. Matt sitting on the side of his bed wearing nothing but a pair of black shorts. His dark brown hair looked wet as it hung against his forehead, a veil between Matt’s eyes and him. Had he showered before he’d gone down to play? Tried to talk himself out of it the same way Oliver had forced himself not to go downstairs?
Matt’s right leg bounced up and down like a jackhammer as he looked at the floor and didn’t speak. Oliver didn’t either. He didn’t know what to say, so he just took another step into the room, and then another.  
It was then when Matt’s head tilted up, that he shook his hair off his forehead and his eyes met Oliver’s searing with something that he didn’t understand. He thought maybe there was some pain in there…a little confusion, but more that Oliver couldn’t read.
His breath caught when Matt pushed to his feet. The shorts hung low on his slender hips, and he was sure Matt didn’t have underwear beneath them.
His chest was smooth. He had a light trail of brown hair that dipped below his shorts, which hung so low he could see the top of Matt’s pubes.
Despite how thin he was, too thin if you asked Oliver, his muscles were well defined. He had a lean six-pack that rose slightly as Matt breathed.
Jesus, he was so fucking sexy, so beautiful it seemed unreal.  
Matt moved toward him again. His gaze turned more predatory as chaos erupted inside of Oliver—pain and confusion and lust…was that what he saw in Matt too? Lust was the missing piece?
His thoughts went haywire, snapping and buzzing with years of pent up energy. And then he was moving toward Matt too. He didn’t know what they were doing, didn’t know where it came from—at least on Matt’s part—but the second they met in the middle of the room, their mouths crashed together. Matt’s hand slid behind his head, cupped it with his fingers, tangled in Oliver’s wet hair. Oliver’s fingers locked onto Matt’s lean hips, felt his hipbone press into his hand and he wanted to get on his knees and taste them. Wanted to lick and suck and explore every fucking inch of Matt’s body with his tongue.
“What are we doing?” he asked when Matt’s skillful mouth traveled down his throat.
Matt sucked on the spot where his neck met his shoulder, before he replied, “I don’t know, Ollie. I just know…know that I need you right now.”

He could hear Matt warring with himself, hear it in the rough edge to his voice. Feel it in the way his body tensed up when he said the word need. It wasn’t easy for Matt to need anyone or anything, but Oliver would take on the fucking universe to make sure Matt had it. There wasn’t a time in his life when he wouldn’t, but this moment right here? He couldn’t pretend this was just for Matt. Couldn’t pretend he wasn’t greedy for him, that the fire searing through him for Matt was based on anything more than his primal hunger for the man. To have him, take him, fuck him, even if it was only once. He’d wanted Matt for years, loved him
since he was a kid—and as they stood in the middle of his room, Matt’s hand running up and down his back, his cock pressed against Oliver’s leg, he damn sure planned to have him. In that moment, he didn’t give a shit about the consequences.

5 + Stars!!

Riley knocked the ball out of the park with Oliver and Matt's story. I absolutely adored this book and couldn't put it down. Oliver is heartbroken when Matt decides that instead of sharing an apartment with Oliver for their freshman year of college, he is moving to New York to follow his dream of being a musical composer. Over the past 10 years, Matt has slowly pulled away from his L.A. friends. Now he's back in town for a much needed break and he crashes at Ollie's place. Oliver has always been in love with Matt. He's never been able to move on and holds on to the hope that someday Matt will realize he feels the same. Will this visit finally bring them together, or tear them apart for good?

This book was absolutely fabulous. My heart absolutely broke for both Oliver and Matt. They both had their own demons to face. While I sympathized with Oliver, I can completely empathize with Matt. I know what it's like to feel like you're not worthy of love. I wasn't sure if I wanted to give Matt a hug or a slap across the back of the head.

The story is well-written and flowed well. The chemistry between Oliver and Matt was out of this world, and the sex, was off the charts hot. I think Riley writes some of the hottest sex scenes I've ever read. This story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and makes you feel. It's filled with angst, heartbreak, sadness, friendship and love. I can't wait for the next book in this series. Highly recommended!!

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.*

*Copy provided by the author for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

Though Gone For You is Book 1 in the Wild Side, there is a prequel to this story, Dare You To. It's not necessary to read Dare You To, Wild Side 0.5, but the characters do make an appearance in this story!

Gone For You is a friends-to-lovers story, that spans a lot of history for Oliver and Matt. They've known each other since they were young boys and became best friends because of Oliver's persistence. Oliver came from a down-to-earth, well-to-do family and Matt's mom cleaned their house. Matt always tried to hold himself apart from Oliver and his friends, but Oliver just wouldn't allow it. By the time they graduated high school, Matt and Oliver had planned on getting an apartment together and going to college. Oliver decided it was time to be honest with Matt about his feelings but before he could, Matt sprung his news that he was leaving California and moving to New York. Oliver is devastated to be losing his best friend. We see snippets of the men and their lives over the next ten years, until it's time for Matt to figure out what he really wants in life; and he decides to come home to Oliver to try to get it together. Only things have changed and as he figures out what his life needs, his eyes are opened to what he's always known but ignored.

Oliver is the glue that holds their group of friends together. He's loyal, protective, supportive and a great guy. He has no interest in dating and sex just for the sake of doing it. Oliver is living his dream of being an author and living in his ideal home. Oliver wants a partner, a family and even though it's been ten years since Matt's been gone, he still loves and longs for Matt. Matt loves music and originally went to New York to pursue his dream, but found out it was harder than expected. He found success as a model and it led to a much different life than he ever expected, but not one that he's happy living. He hates that he's wanted for his looks, and has lost the music in his life. When Matt's relationship changes, he heads back to Oliver and California to find himself again. But, being back is not as easy as he thought it would be. Matt's always held himself apart from his parents, and now he finds himself struggling with his relationship with his dad. In many ways, his relationship with Oliver is the same but something's changed and Matt can no longer deny the feelings they both have but will he be strong enough to accept the love that's offered to him?

I absolutely loved Oliver! He was the type of person we all want as a friend! It took me a while to like Matt, though. I thought he was selfish and self-centered and really thought Oliver could do better. But, because Riley is so brilliant, eventually all those layers to Matt were peeled back so I could see the person Oliver loved. The romance and love in this story are wonderful, but I adored the friendship between Oliver, Miles, Chase and Matt. Their interactions were fun and you could feel the lifelong friendship that they've lived through the story. I cannot wait to read Miles' story and get more time with the friends! And, not only did I love the story but Riley has included a little surprise in this book that was truly beautiful!

Rating: 5 stars!

Riley Hart is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She's a hopeless romantic. A lover of sexy stories, passionate men, and writing about all the trouble they can get into together. If she's not writing, you'll probably find her reading. Riley lives in California with her awesome family, who she is thankful for everyday.

Some of Riley's favorite books:

THE RETURN by Brad Boney
TWO BOYS KISSING by David Levithan

She is also addicted to chocolate and pictures of sexy men. She spends way too much time playing on the internet. 

Riley loves hearing from readers. You can contact her at rileyhartwrites at 

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