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Virtual Tour ~ Half by Eli Lang ~ (Giveaway + Review)

About Half

Living between worlds has never been comfortable, but it’s where I’ve always fit: between human and fey, illness and health, magic and reality.

I’ve spent the last six years looking for a cure for the nameless sickness eating me up. If I believed there was one out there, I would keep searching. But there isn’t, so I’ve come back home, where my past and present tangle. Come home to live . . . and to die.

But my father insists I meet Kin. He’s a healer, and determined to help, even though I’m not so hopeful anymore. But Kin isn’t what I expected, in any way. He sees me, not my illness. He reminds me of what it’s like to be alive. And I can’t help falling for him, even though I know it isn’t fair to either of us.

Kin thinks he has the cure I’ve been looking for, but it’s a cure that will change everything: me, my life, my heart. If I refuse, I could lose Kin. But if I take it, I might lose myself.

A 3.5-Star read, but only because I didn't understand the ending. Ended up frustrated and a little irritated, tbh.
This is a tale that I think, but am not sure, takes place in our time, on our earth; I say this because cars are mentioned, but no form of technology and nothing else to make me 'see' it. Despite this uncertainty, which did not at all affect the read, it was a decent enough tale, though as the title of my review mentioned, I didn't get the ending and I ended up frustrated, a little irritated and even a little annoyed.

The tale is essentially about a young half fae-half human, Luca, who's dying because his two halves are working against each other. Six years ago, his fae father urged him to try to find a cure, meaning that he left behind all that he loved and valued, and people he held dear, and he's now come home a stranger and even more sick.

He meets a part-Japanese, part-something (it wasn't really explained, but I think he was part of an animal/species that lives in water) guy, Kin, who may well hold the cure to his illness and they fall in love, and Kin both generously, and a little selfishly, offers Luca a partial cure...and the remainder of the tale is Luca contemplating and deciding if he can accept; if he can pay the price that it'll mean to him to accept.

I got to 95% of the tale and kept turning pages waiting for the big YES! moment, because I was sure that any moment I was going to get it, or a miracle that would mean that Luca wouldn't be beholden to Kin. Unfortunately, as I read the last page, and went back and re-read and re-read again, I didn't understand how it ended. I didn't know if Luca was dying, or cured, or what his lifespan might be. I wanted to know that they had a future, but the way the author ended the tale meant that I didn't know if they had one. It made me angry.

The 3.5 Star rating is for the author's decent writing, and had there been a little less filler and a more satisfying ending, this could have been a 5 Star read.

ARC courtesy of Riptide Publishing, for my reading pleasure.

About Eli Lang

Eli Lang is a writer and drummer. She has played in rock bands, worked on horse farms, and has had jobs in libraries, where she spent most of her time reading every book she could get her hands on. She can fold a nearly perfect paper crane and knows how to tune a snare drum. She still buys stuffed animals because she feels bad if they’re left alone in the store, believes cinnamon buns should always be eaten warm, can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the tardigrade, and has a book collection that’s reaching frightening proportions. She lives in Arizona with far too many pets.

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