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Release Day Review ~ After the Romance Novel by Susan Laine

Release Day Review ~ After the Romance Novel by Susan Laine

Title: After the Romance Novel

Series: Before… and After

Author: Susan Laine
Release Date: February 22, 2017
Category: Contemporary, New Adult
Pages: 63

Romance novels always end with a happy ever after. Right?
Evan and Adam are best friends, but they don’t know everything about each other. For one thing, Adam doesn’t know Evan writes and publishes gay romance novels until he discovers one while snooping on Evan’s laptop.
This revelation changes their relationship in ways neither could’ve imagined. Adam’s reaction to reading Evan’s stories is not what he expected, nor is the new way he’s looking at his lifelong pal. After all, Adam is straight, or so he’s always thought, and that is what Evan believes about Adam as well.
When Evan admits he might be bisexual, Adam suggests he try dating girls to find out for sure, but when Evan follows his advice, Adam is caught off guard by his feelings of jealousy. And when the date proves Evan isn’t bisexual, but gay, Evan’s request that Adam find him a guy might be the last straw.
How can Adam admit he wants that guy to be him? His epiphany will either end their relationship—or change it into something wonderful in their very own friends-to-lovers romance.

4 Stars!!! 

A really sweet, 'open-thinking' novella of best friends to lovers. Had me feeling warm and fuzzy.

This is a very short read that needs no intro, as the author sets the scene really well - best friends for years, one discovers that the other has been writing MM novelettes, and their relationship undergoes changes.

I loved how the author both kept it realistic in the way that the secret coming out into the open changed their lives, their friendship, their thinking and their feelings. I loved how mature these kids were at 17 and that neither was bratty or defensive and that both were realistic that things had changed. Both kept their cards a little close to their chests at time, so there were some misunderstandings and some angst, but all worked out.

Whilst I knew that these guys had the rest of their lives ahead of them to explore all things, I did feel as if they'd already realised that they were each other's soulmate and that they would end up together. The author doesn't come out and say this per se, but the love and honesty that started in their friendship and culminated in each admitting they loved and wanted the other, had me smiling and envisioning them together, living their lives and their HEA.

ARC courtesy of Dreamspinner Press and Bayou Book Junkie, for my reading plea

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