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AotM ~ Blind Faith Series by N.R. Walker (Reviews + Giveaway)

Blind Faith

Starting a new job in a new town, veterinarian Carter Reece, makes a house call to a very special client.

Arrogant, moody and totally gorgeous, Isaac Brannigan has been blind since he was eight. After the death of his guide dog and best friend, Rosie, his partnership with his new guide dog, Brady, isn't going well.

Carter tries to help both man and canine through this initiation phase, but just who is leading who?

4.5 Stars!

Carter is a veterinarian who recently moved to Boston to take the place of a retiring vet.

The previous vet made a few house calls. While Dr. Fields takes Carter around to his house call patients, Carter is introduced to Isaac and his guide dog Brady. Carter and Brady hit it off immediately, his owner Isaac, not so much.

Isaac is so closed off. He has built very thick walls to protect himself. He has lost so much in his life, his sight, his parents, and a couple of guide dogs. Isaac has even shut himself off from Brady. He is afraid. Everything he has loved in the past, except his sister, Hannah, has been snatched away from him.

On a second trip out to Isaac's home to make a delivery, the sight of Isaac nearly takes Carter's breath away. He ends up asking Isaac to go with him to take the dogs to the park. After a few visits neither man can resist the attraction to the other.

Reading this book was like watching a smoking hot tennis match. Back and forth, and back and forth we go. Isaac keeps pushing and pulling Carter. He pushes him away and then pulls him back over and over. Carter, not wanting to rock the boat lets him, until it finally all comes to a head.

I have never met two of NR's characters (And I have read nearly all her books) that didn't have an electrical chemistry and a love that is so palpable, that we, the readers could feel it's coming off the pages. Carter and Isaac were no exception.

This book is funny, sad, sweet, and hot. It flows well and it kept me turning the pages for more. NR is one of my top authors, and not just in the m/m genre, and I look forward to much more of the magic she creates on paper, in the future!

Through These Eyes

Six months after we last met Carter Reece and Isaac Brannigan, they're still very much in love. Moving in together, moving forward, life for these two is great until some life changing events occur. Isaac has a frightening setback and Carter's world starts to unravel. Things become even more complicated and start to change for both men when Isaac’s new colleague enters the picture.

As Isaac struggles for what he really wants, it might just cost him what he needs the most.

4.5 Stars!

OMG... Could Isaac be anymore of an ass!?

Isaac and Carter have been together for about a year now. They are still very much in love, but Carter wants to take steps to further the relationship. He wants them to live together. Isaac shuts the suggestion down, but after a scare Carter insists and Isaac finally relents.

Everything seems to be moving along smoothly, then Isaac starts spending time with a new work colleague. This guy offers Isaac things. Now Isaac has to choose which path he wants to follow.

I love Carter, but he is a doormat. He seems to never speak up for himself and lets Isaac pretty much run the show, just so he doesn't make any waves in the relationship. It's definitely not a healthy relationship. It's not about being equal partners. We all know in book one, Isaac treats Carter like crap, Isaac apologizes, Carter says okay, forgives him and life moves on. In this book Isaac just doesn't apologize, until maybe it's too late for apologies. Isaac is so desperate for what he is offered, and when Carter finally does stand up and speak his mind, Isaac reverts to his past tactics. He pushes Carter away with insults. The insults that are thrown at Carter are much more hurtful in book two.

As you can tell from my review, I was NOT happy with Isaac for a good portion of this book. I wanted to knock some sense into him (I am not above kicking a blind man's ass if it's needed)!

Carter and Isaac still have an electrical chemistry. The sex was hot, and Ms. Walker took me from laughing, to being very angry, to sobbing, then gave me a major awe moment!

I love her... She is one of my favorite authors. I know I complained about Isaac, but you don't want to miss out on this read!! I can't wait to read Marks book. He is an awesome secondary character and I can't wait to see what's in store for him!


Mark Gattison has avoided love and commitment his entire adult life. Not interested in more than a one night stand or a brief encounter in a bathroom stall, he is the epitome of a good time.

Will Parkinson is the guy who defends him, the guy who puts up with him, the guy Mark calls his best friend.

When Will becomes unsettled and a little distant, Mark takes it upon himself to find Will a boyfriend. Not familiar with the concept himself, Mark thinks Will needs someone to make him happy.

What Mark doesn’t know, is that he’s about to get blindsided. He’s about to get knocked off his feet by the one thing that’s been right in front of him the entire time.

5 Stars

I guess the first thing I have to say is "thank you" to this character's real life namesake, Will Parkinson or Parker Williams, as many of you may know him. Thank you for the hours, days, weeks and months badgering N.R. for this book. I loved Mark and I'm so glad we got to see him settle down and find love. The journey to Mark and Will's HEA wasn't wasn't easy or smooth. There are some major hurdles for them to get over, but in the end it was all worth it.

The story is well-written and flows well. Ms. Walker takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ranging from happiness, sadness, angst, heartbreak, fear and love, but what this book offers most is laughter. The back and forth banter between Mark and Will was funny, but OMG, Mark's mom rocked!!! I literally laughed out loud so much I was almost crying!! Unfortunately, my tears were not all happy. Ms. Walker managed to break my heart and bring me to sad tears, as well, but she made it all perfect in the end!

This was an excellent read that I can't recommend enough!!!

*This book was purchased by the reviewer*

Twelfth of Never

Free on Amazon

Will Parkinson has been with Mark Gattison for five years and, in his words, there has never been a dull moment. Will has always been the serious one, the responsible one. Mark is the irresponsible man-child who loves nothing more than to make people smile.

But Will has an ache for something Mark won't give him.

Until he does.

Join Will, Mark, Carter, Isaac and Brady, Hannah and her family (and some other special guests for Christmas) and have yourself a Merry Twelfth of Never.

** 8500 word Christmas 2014 story **

5 Stars!!

This was a sweet continuation of Will and Mark's story, with a little bit of angst, but for the most part it's packed with laughter, family, friendship and of course, love.

The story is short, but well-written and satisfying. I adored getting a glimpse of Carter and Isaac, but I especially loved the surprise guests that made an appearance. I won't spoil it, you'll have to read it to find out!! Very enjoyable and recommendable!!!

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  1. That's a tough one...Fen from Carole Cummings Wolf's Own series is a character who I loved, but really drove me nuts and made me angry at times.

    Thanks for featuring NR Walker and the Blind Faith series. Loved the series and all of her books so far.

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  3. Can't think of one. This sounds like a really good series.

  4. At the moment I don't have one. I really don't read to many books where I detest a character or I try not to anyway. There have been books with minor characters who annoy me but I can't think of any at the moment.

  5. Cannot think of one on top of my head. But I THINK I do have a character whom pretty much a villain or antagonist in the previous book but then become the main hero in the next one. I just can't remember his name!! *faulty memory*

  6. Jack Tarkington from Amy Jo Cousins's Nothing Like Paris comes to mind. He was horrible in Off Campus & started off pretty bad in his own story but then managed to redeem himself.

  7. I really hated this minir character is Outing the Quarterback by Tara Lain...but then she managed to completely redeem him in another book later in the series.

  8. I've been trying to remember a character I hate to love and can't think of any sorry.