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Release Day Review ~ Poppy's Secret by Andrew Grey

Release Day Review ~ Poppy's Secret by Andrew Grey

Title: Poppy's Secret

Author: Andrew Grey
Release date: February 15, 2017
Category: Contemporary, Dreamspun Desires
Pages: 90

A second chance born of love.
Pat Corrigan and Edgerton “Edge” Winters were ready to start a family—or so Pat thought. At the last minute, Edge got cold feet and fled. Pat didn’t bother telling him the conception had already gone through and little Emma was on her way. He didn’t want a relationship based on obligation. He’d rather raise his daughter on his own.
Nine years later, Emma and her Poppy are doing fine. Edge isn’t. He realizes what he threw away by leaving, and he’s back to turn his life around and reclaim his family. It’ll take a lot to prove to Pat that he’s a new man, and even if Edge succeeds, the secret Pat has hidden for years might shatter their dreams all over again.

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

Pat and Edge were a successful couple living in their lives together and planning for their future. The couple had decided to get a surrogate and have a baby, but before Pat could tell Edge the surrogate was pregnant, Edge decided that was not the life he wanted and left. Edge went to Boston to take a job as an art professor, and Pat was left alone to raise the daughter they had planned for. Nine years later, Pat's life revolves around his little girl. He opened his own architecture office so he could work from home and be available to focus his attention on his daughter. One night when his daughter was at a sleepover, he decides to head out on the town for the first time in years, but didn't expect to run into Edge at the club. Edge regrets walking away from Pat and his life nine years ago and wants another chance, something Pat is unwilling to give him at first.

I loved Pat! He was raised by a single, hippy mom that provided no structure to him. Pat wanted a family all of his life and having a child is was really important to him. And, you can tell it. His life revolves around his daughter. He's still struggling with his relationship with his mom but life is going to force him to accept that his mom did the best she could. Once Pat started to accept Edge back in his life, he did so without using past behaviors against him and I really appreciate that. It took a while for Edge to be self-aware and to realize everything that happened because of his decision and to accept his part in those outcomes. Even though Edge hadn't been ready for a child nine years ago, he does great with Emma and they both seem taken with each other.

I love Andrew Grey's books and Poppy's Secret is no exception! His characters are always so true to life characters, both the good and bad, that I always feel like I'm reading about a real life couple. And, can I tell you, no one does children in books like Mr. Grey! I know people don't always like children in their gay romances, and I get that, but I love it when it's well done and Mr. Grey's is always well done! If you love heartwarming, second chances romances, this is a book you need to check out!

Rating: 5 stars!

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