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Book Review: M/M ~ Compromised by Bailey Queen (Review)

Book Review: M/M ~ Compromised by Bailey Queen (Review)

Book: Compromised
Author: Bailey Queen
Release Date: July 13th 2015
Length: 172 Pages

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Murder in the country. 
A one-night-stand that refuses to end. 
Ghosts from the past that return to haunt. 

Special Agent Ben Diggs can't stand what has become of his life, so much so that he hits the road one night, maybe to crash his bike, maybe to drive off into the night and never be heard from again. But he meets Tanner Bagley, a rancher from rural Pennsylvania in a hick dive bar, and sparks fly. For the first time since everything went to hell, he feels alive again. 

Ben runs from his emotions as a rule, and he flees in the middle of the night, trudging back to his dreary life in Baltimore and his failing job as an FBI agent. But then he's assigned with his team to investigate a murder in that same backwater township in Pennsylvania where he met Tanner, and it's a different set of sparks that fly when he has to face Tanner again. 

As the bodies start to pile up, tensions flare, and Ben is stuck between teammates that question his every move and a devastatingly handsome rancher whose heart he bruised. The lies keep piling up, and Ben is forced to stake his career - and his very life - on the trembling hopes of his wounded heart. 

Deep in the countryside, someone is hunting gay men in Middle Creek, Pennsylvania... Gay men all with ties to Special Agent Diggs' one-night-stand... 

Tracy's Review:

4.5 Stars

*copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by author/publisher via Indigo Marketing and Design in exchange for an honest review*

Ben is a former Navy Officer, turned FBI agent in Baltimore. Feeling his career is heading nowhere fast and feeling like a failure, Ben takes off to a small, out of town, hole in the wall bar for a night of drinking. Maybe he'll just drive his bike off the road and end it all. He never planned on meeting Tanner, a small town rancher. The sparks fly and they share a night of hot sex. Ben takes off, but they are thrown back together when Ben and his team are assigned to a case in Tanner's small town, where Tanner is quickly becoming the suspect.

This was a good book. I love a good mystery. Shows like Criminal Minds and CSI, authors like John Grisham are among my favorites. Throw in some hot man on man action, and you just about have the perfect storm. The story and plot were good. The relationship part of the story, I loved. Ben and Tanner were well developed and had good chemistry. The sex was hot and passionate, yet sweet and intense.

The story flowed at a good pace and was exciting, but unfortunately the mystery portion was somewhat predictable. I was pretty sure I knew almost from the time they got to the small town, who the murder was, and I was correct. I think this portion of the story was good, but the author needed a wider set of suspects to keep the reader guessing.

All in all, this was a very good and enjoyable read. This is by first book by Bailey, but I definitely plan to check out more!

About The Author:
Bailey Queen is a romance author who has been writing fiction since 2001. She's recently started writing under this pseudo-name and is having a great time doing so! She writes adventure, mystery, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy, all with a LGBTQA angle. She likes to challenge conventions and provide readers with interesting characters and storylines. Bailey has lived around the world, and she loves to put places she's lived/traveled into her stories!

More expanded stuff if you want to get to know me/my style:

I enjoy writing MM Romance, though I have also written straight erotica and MMF erotic romance. What do I write about in those genres?

Predominantly, in MM Romance, I write:

- Contemporary, mature stories with adult characters, working through inner demons and struggling with deep issues;

- Fantasy epics with an over-arching adventure/mystery/quest plot, all while two characters struggle to find the courage to admit their love;

- Paranormal psychological thrillers with characters searching for their footing - and the truth of their love - in a hurting, haunted, dangerous world. This includes spiritual and religious exploration and horror;

- Sci Fi series with characters from opposing peoples and cultures, working at odds in a tumultuous universe, and trying to find complimentary edges where they might see common ground;

- Military stories that show the true grit and hard-edged realities of life in combat, including the exhaustion, the aching lonliness, and the purity of each moment - the rush of life on the edge of a life-or-death brink.

Major themes I play with are:

- Adult dilemmas - no silliness, please. I like real-world struggles, real-world inner demons, and real-world fears.

- Military personas & alpha males.

- Darkness - how to find it, how to get lost in it, how to struggle out of it.

- A slow, simmering, languorous fall into love.

- Alien worlds, both fantasy and sci fi, with different people, different realms, and different ways of life.

- Deep, angsty, heart-rending emotions. I want you to feel. I want your heart to pound.

More than anything else, I want you to think of me as "serious" author, a "real-life" author, and an author who creates a "slice of life." If I'm succeeding, let me know! If I'm not, let me know! That's my goal, and I will always strive to achieve.

So, please - step into my worlds! :)

Find Bailey on Facebook. Search for Bailey Queen - same profile pic!

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