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Review Tour ~ Kiss Me Daddy (Club 83 Book #1) by Quinn Ward (Giveaway)

Review Tour ~ Kiss Me Daddy (Club 83 Book #1) by Quinn Ward (Giveaway)

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Length: 70,000 words approx.


Andy's a recent college graduate with a mountain of debt and a load of regret over earning a degree he'll never use. When he takes a job at a local gay bar, he doesn't expect the first person to catch his eye to be the man he's been dreaming about since a chance encounter.

Joshua's comfortable in his life. He has an amazing son who's wise beyond his years, an ex-wife who's one of his best friends, and a great job. Now, if only those closest to him would quit hounding him to start dating again after the divorce.

Joshua finds what's been missing with the other people he's tried dating the first time Andy slips up and calls him Daddy. What starts as a slip of the tongue could lead to what both men really need and want.

4 Stars

I have discovered many Daddy/Boy books over the last eleven months and this one is up there among the top. There were other things involved in Kiss Me, Daddy that I haven’t seen in others and since this is my first book by Quinn (even though I have seen others), I am impressed with how fast I got sucked into it.

Andy was a character who had little confidence in himself and what he wanted to do after college. He had sass and inner strength but came across like he lacked in feeling that he was allowed to express them. When he met Joshua and began to be involved with him I loved how he slowly began learning he was stronger than he ever thought.

Joshua was a great character who, even though he knew what he wanted and knew himself, was afraid (at least, in my eyes) to put himself out there when he had been disappointed by others after telling them about his odd family life. When he meets Andy he is instantly drawn to him and that scares him more then he wants to admit. But when they began the whole “get to know ya” stage, Andy surprises him at every turn and I loved their whole dynamic.

Everything about this book was entertaining and I loved it and can’t wait for even more.

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3.5 Stars!

Andy first sees Joshua at a coffee shop when Joshua is out with his ex-wife and son. He thinks Joshua is hot, but clearly taken. When Andy later sees Joshua out at the bar he just started working at, he assumes that Joshua is looking to cheat on his wife and blows him off. A third chance encounter allows them to clear the air and get to know each other.

Joshua is trying to break out of his comfort zone and accept that he might be able to have the kind of relationship he fantasizes about while living in a family arrangement that some people would find odd. Andy sees Joshua's family and wishes his was more like theirs. He feels like he had no direction and took the job at the bar to pay the bills.

I liked that both Andy and Joshua were both feeling out the Daddy kink together. I liked that Joshua laid out his family dynamics right away and that while Andy, in theory, was okay with it initially, the reality of it hit him a little harder than he expected at first. I think that his reaction was understandable. I liked their connection and their group of friends. I liked that Andy and Joshua had help working out the dynamics of their relationship. It was nice to see Andy find enough self-confidence to be able to stand up to his parents a bit more and explain how they made him feel. I was glad he found more support in his siblings than he expected and that he was mature enough to see that they were suffering too. A lot happens in a short amount of time, but I was glad that we got a snapshot of them settling further into their relationship later on.

There were events that got a little confusing at the end for me. I didn't understand the timing of Andy finishing college and his graduation ceremony. I also was confused by the sudden introduction of Tyler; I wasn't sure if I was supposed to know him already or not, and I am fairly certain that we will be seeing him again at some point, though. I also would have liked to see Andy settling into their family unit more as Joshua and Andy deepened their own relationship.

All in all, I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requiremen
t. ***

Quinn writes LGBTQ romance with a kick. Their stories center around the relationship building between the characters, but also shows how compatible they are in the bedroom (or wherever else the urge strikes).

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