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Release Day Review ~ The Touchstone by MC Lee

Release Day Review ~ The Touchstone by MC Lee

Title: The Touchstone
Author: MC Lee
Release Date: April 2, 2019
Category: Paranormal: Other Paranormal, Teen Fiction, Gay
Pages: 228
It’s no surprise teens Sam and Harry are inseparable. Harry’s ability to fly manifested at age ten—when he saved Sam’s life. Since then, Sam’s made it his mission to shield Harry from danger. They’re being watched by people with an unknown agenda, and their only chance is to run.
An encounter with Jonah Clayton and the group of gifted teens he’s training means a place for Harry and insight into his powers. But is there a place for an ordinary kid like Sam, or has he reached the end of his quest to help his best friend? Jonah’s group isn’t as benign as it seems, however, and the danger is far from over. Harry still needs Sam—who is far more than anyone can imagine.

3.5 Stars!

Sam and Harry aren’t only best friends, it runs much deeper for them. They are completely dedicated to one another and won’t stand for anyone trying to hurt either or both of them. With people targeting Harry for his ability, they can no longer just depend on each other. With possible help from a man and a group of teens like Harry he’s trying to train, they may have a chance. But this means they’ll have to trust them. It doesn’t take long to see that everything isn’t all it seems to be.

While I liked both Sam and Harry, I had difficulty always connecting to them. They fluctuated between being silly and immature and serious and intuitive. Their age was very evident throughout most of their journey but there, of course, were those few times where I felt as if we were getting a preview of the men they would eventually become and that’s mainly what I wanted to see. Of course, it didn’t help that we only get Sam's POV either.

I feel like things within their ragtag group of teens got touched upon but didn’t quite get enough depth so the secondary characters fell into more of a caricature type role than a well developed one. However, with the possibility of more books in the series, this could be rectified as we go along. Hopefully, they will also become more likable as well that way.

Overall, while The Touchstone was an okay read for me, I wasn’t quite the demographic it was geared for and therefore I probably didn’t get the full impact of the product. I was hoping for something a little more but it never quite got there and instead headed in a totally different direction. Of course, the ending definitely left possibilities open for future stories.

**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

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