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Book Review: Outside Looking In by AJ Truman

Book Review: Outside Looking In by AJ Truman

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When it came to family, Nathan Hargrove has always been on the outside looking in.

Abandoned by his mother as a baby, ignored by his father, and bullied by his cousins, Nathan learned years ago that he’s the blackest of black sheep. He dulls his loneliness with casual sex, acid wit, and lots of booze. Fresh out of yet another stint at rehab, Nathan stumbles onto a clue that leads him to his late mother’s whereabouts. His search takes him halfway around the world to New Zealand to solve the mystery of why she left.

Liam Foster would rather deal with sheep than people. After catching his girlfriend and BFF cheating, he moves back to his family’s farm to connect with his roots and help his widower brother raise his kids. His other brothers want him to sell the farm so they can all make a big profit, but Liam needs one more year to prove he can succeed. When a handsome Brit wheeling designer luggage wanders onto his field, claiming to be the farmhand he advertised for, Liam is suspicious, but he can’t make it through lambing season by himself.

As Liam helps Nathan transform from Posh Spice to Old Macdonald, they realize they’re the perfect salve for each other’s tattered souls. But the longer Nathan holds off on telling the truth of what brought him to New Zealand, the harder it becomes for him to come clean. Because if he admits who he really is, it could shatter not only Liam’s family--but also Nathan’s one true shot at love.

OUTSIDE LOOKING IN is a slow burn, opposites attract M/M romance about lonely hearts finding redemption. It’s filled with humor, heart, and hot guys. And lots of sheep.

3.75 Stars

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Nathan at first, well, that’s a lie. I thought he was a privileged and spoiled twat, but as I got to know him and see the real him underneath all that sarcasm, I felt bad for his situation. He felt unwanted and unlovable and my heart went out to him.

As for Liam, he was a likable guy and I loved watching him explore his sexuality and discover that side of himself. I also absolutely adored the relationship he had with his brother, Mark, as well as his niece and nephew, Franny and Walt.

Liam and Nathan had great chemistry and were hot together. The progression of their relationship was natural and flowed well. I loved their back and forth banter.

I enjoyed this story and loved watching not only Nathan’s relationship development with Liam, but also with Mark, Franny and Walt. While reading this story, I learned more about sheep farming than I’ll ever need to know, but it was interesting.

An enjoyable addition to the series, that can definitely be read as a standalone. Recommendable!

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